~ A place for my thoughts ~

January 21, 2015

This is my journal! I love to modge-podge things in here like paper dolls, letters, magazine cutouts and other things like that. I photographed a few of the pages for you to see. I hope to keep updating this post with new pictures of my entries!

A place for my thoughts

My journal

Awesome museum exhibit advertisment

A "hug" and paper doll from Dorothy

(left) Fall leaves from NY (right) Fall leaves from CO

Summertime collection

Mini paper doll from Dorothy and Alice in Wonderland paper dolls from Ava

"True friends" from Dorothy

Picture from one of the best books ever and journal entry

A very sweet note

A lazy day

January 06, 2015

I took these pictures a few days ago on saturday, but didn't have time to post them. 

 The 2-story treehouse
 Toasty woodstove!
 Annika and Joseph played a game of "Sorry"

Plants on the windowsill

Reflections | Winter Photoshoot

Brrrr! It's so cold out here! I can't believe it's almost winter again! I took some pictures with my mom's camera and posted them, although I couldn't stay out long because my hands were just about numb within five minutes! I hope you had a great Christmas!
 Sarah did a photoshoot with Joseph. It was short-lived however because Joseph wouldn't stand still

 The pond is just about frozen! Almost time to ice-skate!
There is an air plane in the sky; can you find it? 

 Thorns silhouette against the sky

 Those clouds....

 Red barn

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