Beach days with Angel & Cinnamon | Summer 2015

August 14, 2015

Meet Angel and Cinnamon! Two sweet, friendly ducks that are always waiting to greet us at the beach. :) These two ducks have eight little striped brown ducklings that follow their parents everywhere and are just as friendly. They are growing fast and we are excited to see what they will look like full grown. Recently, when we were at the beach, I was eating pretzels and then turned around to get something when I felt one of the ducklings peck my two pretzels right out of my hand! Liam, my younger brother loves to feed them his snack, which probably isn't too good for their stomachs . . . ;) Oh well. 



 Liam watching the ducks

 They're not afraid of people at all; they came right up onto our picnic blanket!

Here's another mama duck with her seven babies

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