County Fair week | Part 1

August 28, 2015

County fair week is a lot of work but very fun for everyone. This year, we brought two of our sheep and six of our goats. We also did 4H and showed sheep and goats for the first time which was a great experience.
My favorite part was seeing all of the other animals in the barns. There were baby piglets in the pig barn and Brown Swiss cows (my favorite breed of cattle) in the cow barn. I also enjoyed the Livestock Skillathon. Participants of the Livestock Skillathon are required to memorize all of the breeds of animals in the different barns at the fair. You take a test testing your knowledge, you identify a group of similar things (last year was farm tools and this year was crops), and you grade five different species of animals from best to worst on their body condition. After this, the judges pick four of the top people from the three different age groups and those people chosen are required to then show three different species of animals. For this, the judges grade you on how well you can show. This year and last year I was picked for one of the top four and finished in third place both years!

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