Ducks and geese ahoy!

August 17, 2015

A new addition to our farm! Thirteen ducks and four geese. For anyone who's interested, the duck breeds we purchased were: Ancona, Khaki Campbell, Cayuga, Harlbell, and Welsh Harlequin. We went to farm farm nearby whose owner wanted to have only Ancona ducks in her flock and so gave us her other extra breeds and one of her Ancona drakes since she had an uneven male to female ratio. She also had Emus, a large bird which resembles an ostrich with gray and brown plumage, and four geese. She also gave them to us since she was moving and wouldn't be able to take them with her. The geese are like four old ladies and are always aware of where everyone and everything is and what they/it are doing. A few of the ducks and geese's names are: Parsley, Meadow Sweet, Lucy Goosy, Marigold, Pickles, and Nutkin.

Here are the Emus!

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