Maegan Alexandra | portraits | summer 2015

September 29, 2015


Meet Maegan. An artistic girl with a unique spirit. 

This photoshoot was so. much. fun. We balanced on the second floor of a rickety shack in the woods, then went on to balance on the trunk of a fallen tree, and also looked over the side of a thirty foot cliff. Dangerous stuff, man ;) 
I am really happy with how these pictures came out. The lighting in some of them is fantastic! I just love how Maegan's personality shines through these photos. 


  1. These pictures are beautiful! I especially love the beauty of the location you decided to take these!
    I'm so glad I followed your blog and you have so much talent. I hope you'll check out my blog if you have a few spare moments!

  2. Oh my goodness, sweet Lauren! Thank you so much.
    Your blog is adorable! Love the banner and the title. :)

    Sophia xx

  3. HOW SWEET. ♥♥ Oh my goodness. You can see the adventure just shine through these photos. Agh. I love them. Fabulous job to both of you! ♥

    Cally //


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