Annika Vera | portraits | october 2015

November 28, 2015


Annika Vera. A fun sister with with an amazing imagination.

On October 18, we had our first snow! The snowflakes were big and fluffy. Much fun to chase and catch on your tongue. I tore Annika away from her laundry-folding (which she was enjoying immensely) ;) I love autumn's sad and rich golden light. The snow made it so lovely.

An afternoon at the gallery

November 24, 2015


This painting always amazes me

My sister (right) and I (left) drew this lovely angel sculpture.
We stopped by the coffee shop on our way home, and got some yummy treats!
 We loved this funky couch in the coffee shop! Notice the lamp?

*My mom took this one*

A beautiful day

November 20, 2015


. . . God made all things bright and beautiful . . . 

LIFE | november

November 17, 2015


Hello everyone! Here is some of the stuff I have been doing recently.


Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell
To Have and To Hold by Mary Johnston
The Girl With the Glass Bird by Esme Kerr


Amen by I Am They
Faith Is by Dan Bremnes
Your Love Is Mine by I Am They
Guilty by Newsboys

Other things

enjoying the autumn weather.
kitty photoshoots.
writing novels.

What have you been up to?

In the field | september 2015

November 15, 2015


The bee is not afraid of me,
I know the butterfly;
The pretty people in the woods
Receive me cordially.
The brooks laugh louder when I come,
The breezes madder play.
Wherefore, mine eyes, thy silver mists?
Wherefore, O summer's day?

- Emily Dickinson

Adventure in the city

November 12, 2015


We recently went to visit our cousins who live outside Toronto, Canada. We had a really great time together swimming in their pool, biking to the park, geocaching by the lake, went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), and lots more.
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