Farm update | March 2016

March 03, 2016

Hello there, everyone! Any new adventures? Tell me in the comments below! :D

Here's a little farm update post. :) We delivered two beautiful little lambs this morning, both of whom are girls!! My sister, Annika, who 'owns' the mother ewe, Elizabeth Starr, isn't sure what she wants to name the lambs yet, but I'll do a photoshoot and post the names when she does.
Sorry about the not so great photo quality and coloring in the pictures. Also, the yellow patches of color on the black and white lamb is just from the birthing fluid. ;)

Another exciting note: our geese recently started laying eggs! Gosh, the eggs are so so big. We haven't tried eating the eggs yet and have three so far. Any suggestions? ;) I was thinking they'd make a lovely omelet. ;)

From left to right: Philippa, Lady Jane (goats), and Opal (my sheep)
Our egg laying goose name Meadowsweet!


  1. How perfectly exciting, congrats!! :D

  2. I have nominated you for the Infinity Dream Tag/Award. :)
    ( )

    1. Yes, it is very exciting! Liesl (one of our other ewes) gave birth to two little rams this morning! Sarah is very proud. ;)
      Aww! Thank you for thinking of me! I'll try to get my post up soon. :)

  3. oh my gosh, so adorable!!! Love these pictures, they really capture the joy of this event!

    1. Thank you, thank you, Lauren! I'm so glad I succeeded in capturing that feeling for everyone. <3


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