Sheep shearing and miscellaneous updates

April 26, 2016


Last Monday, we had our sheep sheared!  They look quite small and scrawny with all their fluffy wool off, but I think they are enjoying the relief because we got some warm weather. We ended up with four bags of dirty, but gorgeous wool!
The lambs are healthy and plump, and growing fast!  Once you catch them, they are quite cuddly. ;)

This morning, we went on a super wet hike in Italy Valley with a group of homeschoolers.  It was fun altogether excepting the torturous uphills which gained up to 800 ft. ;)  We saw 'Big Rock' which was a surprisingly large rock with lots of moss growing on it.  Maybe the size of two cars next to each other and one and a half cars tall?  It was not easy to get to as it was straight up the steep side of a hill and there was no path. Not to mention that it was pouring out. ;)  After much panting and a few breaks, we finally got to the rock.  I had fun identifying the plants as we walked.  Spotted 'Woody Nightshade', numerous 'Mayapples', and some questionable 'Snowdrops', along with some others I can't remember.
The climb down was much easier.  Thank goodness, the way we took down had a nice long trail with a very gradual descent.  We got a bit lost at one point and the fog didn't help, but all made it out! :)

We are slowly working on planting our garden!  I believe we have broccoli, radishes, lettuce, asparagus, and onions inside under the grower lights right now.  My dad also bought some hazelnut trees to add to our orchard.  The kiwi tree doesn't look so good but maybe it will perk up. :)

I have been going on lots of bike rides around town lately.  I also recently attached a milk crate to the front of my bike for a basket so I am excited to be able to carry around lots of stuff with me this summer on my bike rides.  Coming to realize that it's much better to bike around 4:00-ish instead of in the heat of the morning and afternoon.  I'll have to keep that in mind in July. ;)

We also celebrated Sarah's sixteenth birthday over the weekend! :D


  1. Those plant names are all so beautiful! And that hike sounds so fun and pretty.
    Home grown veggies are the best! I can't stand most supermarket vegetables, but home garden ones are the best.
    That milk crate idea sounds super cool! I wish I biked more - but I'm just so out of practice.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. It was definitely lots of fun! Summer hikes with friends are the best. :)
      I agree, home grown veggies are delish!
      Its nice to get back into biking from the long winter break - I'm a bit out of practice too. :D

  2. Adorable sheep. :)
    Those plant names sound very poetic!

    1. They are pretty cute!
      Haha, they're poetic looking too - well, maybe excepting the nightshade. ;)


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