Annika Vera | portraits | December 2015

May 29, 2016


Capturing spring // photos

May 19, 2016


Alright, everyone!  Brace yourselves for lots of miscellaneous photos of flowers and spring in the next few posts.  I have a whole SD card's worth of them ready to say hello. ;)

And this is officially my 100th post! :D

Beatrix //

May 14, 2016


I took these at the hospital not realizing that the camera was on this setting making all the pictures look so dark. :D  But when I downloaded them to the computer, I totally fell in love with them! 
What's your opinion? 

Leftover photos from April

May 11, 2016


Hanging out on the lawn with some drawing supplies and a book-on-tape

My lamb, Fawn
We call this little girl, 'Fat Maud-ie' because she steals milk from all the mommy sheep
- Looking for an adventure: - 
We found out that we have a Canada goose nesting on our pond!  I am excited to take the camera down when the goslings hatch.

April was an exciting month for us -- the big highlight was meeting new baby Beatrix Elin Parshall on the 16th.  We also celebrated two birthdays (one for a sister and one for a friend), welcomed spring finally, and Joseph (7) had surgery but is feeling tip-top again.  It was a busy month but a fun one for sure! :D

Spring has arrived (at last)

May 04, 2016


Yes, spring has finally arrived in NY!  Hip hip hooray! 

We have all been enjoying the nice weather and green grass.  Liam is begging to go to the beach, but I think we'll wait a while for that. ;)  

What have y'all been up to recently? 
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