Spiraea blooms

June 30, 2016


Yes, more flowers. ;)  Can you tell I'm obsessed? 

Spring blossoms

June 28, 2016


Adventure in Ithaca | mothers day

June 21, 2016


i. the drive


DOROTHY: Thought you would like this!  It would make an awesome parasol for Addy. :D

Beatrix Elin | portraits | may 2016

June 09, 2016


Yes, more photos of Beatrix! XD  Isn't she just the cutest, though?!  I took these on Mother's Day, and Bea was a fantastic model.  She is wearing a new sunbonnet an auntie made for her. <3  
She is growing sooo fast!  We weighed her last night and found out that she weighed thirteen lbs! That's what eating every hour and a half does to you, I suppose. ;) (She is five weeks old and was born at seven lbs.)  We joke that she looks like she swallowed a soccer ball because her tummy is so big. 

Grandmas and Mom
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