Cummings nature center | may 2016

July 20, 2016

liam and dad
boys ;)
found this egg floating in the water XD
can you see the turtles?

Glass sea creatures | corning museum of glass

July 17, 2016


This one was my favorite.  Just look at that detail!
We went to the Corning Museum of Glass with some friends recently and saw these amazing little sea creatures made of glass!  I made sure to take lots of pictures.  Apparently, the guy who made them temporarily kept these live creatures in his lab to study and then release, but before he released them, he made glass copies of them.  We were all amazed by the amount of detail in each specimen.  Can you even imagine how long it would take to make these? 

I thought these vases were just too cute!


July 12, 2016


my life has been tainted by beauty; an unimaginable beauty more than words could tell.
those strawberry summers,
sunshiny days, 
perfect union.
i thought -- i believed it could never break or disappear.
this life has been tainted. 
i can't live, breathe, see . . . the past has become my residence. 
oh, I would hold it down if I could, but these delicate memories like butterfly wings and gentle moonbeams slip through my open fingers.
i am lost. 
my mind is tormented.


July 10, 2016


More flowers!  Someone take this camera away from me. ;) 


And some late memorial day photos I just had to post -
Annika, Liam, Beatrix and me, and Joseph

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