Exploring on two wheels (and tricycles)

September 28, 2016

uh-oh, can I make it? ;)
lots of bunnies at the playground!

Bike rides were a big hit for everyone here this summer.  It was a great way to end a hot summer day -- a ride down to the playground for an hour and then a bit of exploring around the town on some back roads.  
On my own, I biked along West Ave., a mostly-flat country road directly across the valley.  Though there are some hotter areas, it is shaded for the most part which is a great relief.  I also discovered a small roadside stand on West Ave. and developed a habit of stopping for few cookies whenever I passed by there.  The little kids were thrilled when I brought them home one. ;)  

It's awe-inspiring to ride down that road and look to one side to see rusty red tractors moving across the golden fields wavy with heat cutting hay and straw, and to look to the other side to see a thick forest of maples rife with chattering chipmunks. ;)  For emergency contact, I am always equipped with the old iPhone which has a tolerable camera, but even when I brought Mom's Nikon once, I couldn't seem to capture the serene beauty of that place.  Some of you might recall how much I love wide open fields, red barns, and rundown farmhouse so, as you have already guessed I'm sure, this road is my haven. ;)

What would you guys like to see more of on Lantern in Her Hand??  Photoshoots, life adventures, pictures of babies, ;) photos of the farm?  Comment below!


  1. farm photos would be awesome, ahhhh - i love looking at your animals <3

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

  2. Don't make me choose! I don't do decisions very well!!!! Just..... all of them. Do all of them!!!
    Phew! *wipes sweat off brow* :) with that out of the way, I just LOVED these pictures, as always! My favorites are numbers three, eight, and nine.


    1. Haha, thanks for the input, Esther!! I will definitely do that. :)
      Thank you for leaving a comment! <3

  3. What beautiful photos, and what a beautiful place.

    And bunnies at the playground? Lucky duck!

    Ella ★ <a href="http://www.scribblesbyella.blogspot.com”>Simply Scribbles</a>

    1. Thank you, Ella!
      Bunnies and ducks are the best. ;) LOL

  4. I'm breakin' the rules and picking two: Photoshoots and life adventures definitely. :)
    Babies are cute, and farms are always great, so I say just keep doing what you're doing and that's fabulous!!! XD

    Loved those pictures and jealous that I couldn't be there with you!!

    Amelia xxxx

    1. Haha, no worries! Thank you the help!! Awesome, that is super helpful!
      Aww, I wish you could have been here with us as well! We miss you to the moon and bank.
      But . . . only TWENTY-TWO more days until we see you again!!! :D

  5. AHHH, these are adorable pictures <3I love all of the pictures you take, so keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you bunches, Lauren! That means the world to me. <3


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