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October 31, 2016

Ooo, see the little baby poison ivy?!

Sorry about reposting this, folks.  The picture thumbnails on my homepage were being totally weird for this post previously and I couldn't stand my homepage looking like some blog-wrecking goblin had got to it. ;)  My apologies. 

A few weeks ago, we headed over to a nearby graveyard for some nature study.  Graveyards are so beautiful . . . <3

After nature study at the graveyard, we headed over to the "rail trail" for a quick hike. :)  We identified a new plant (the red flowers near the end of the post*): cardinal flower.  So cool!

- Sorry for the slight absence recently, folks.  We had some good friends from Colorado over visit from the 19th-27th -- tons of fun!  Photos from the visit coming soon.
Also, on Wednesday evening we had a major power outage and our iMac got fried! (Not necessarily in that order, but it's a long and complicated story.) ;)  We thought our hard drive got fried too because we couldn't find how to access to it from our laptop, but this morning we found it!  Now all the files are backing up (the laptop says 52 GB out of 644 GB files have been copied so far -- "about three days" it its estimate -- ugh) and my 10,000 pictures from iPhoto are being rescued by their knight in shining armor. :P
So yes, basically let's just keep praying that I haven't lost all my photos and documents. ;)  Blech, technology is so ridiculous.

Here's my grave drawing
This grave was hand-chiseled -- so fascinating!

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  1. As always your photos are beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! You're very sweet. <3

  2. OH GOODNESS. this adventure looks darling. lovely pictures, my dear! <3 xx

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cally! Your comment means a lot. <3


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