PAINTED SKIES (a poem) & upcoming Q&A

November 28, 2016

Hey!  I was thinking about doing a Q&A for this blog soon.  If you're interested and have questions, please comment below with them in this post.  Thanks, you're the bee's knees. <3


  You painted the skies red.
Blinding red to match the color of my throbbing heart, the copper leaves left on the trees, a brilliant ruby tint.
  You made it easy to dream.

  You painted the skies orange.
A vibrant orange the color of an overthrown queen.  
Orange like the larch trees that kiss the skyline with hard branches.  
  You made it hard forgive.

  You painted the skies yellow.
Never was such a yellow seen -- the shade of the hot sun soon rising.
Translucent, yet still overpowering and uncomparable.
  You made it easy to smile.

  You painted the skies emerald.
The exact hue of the grass as the sun shines through it's veins during the golden hour.  
The color of trees, and reflections, and of your disarming eyes.  
  You made it hard to forget.

  You painted the skies blue.  (Blue was always my favorite.)
Oh, that's exactly the color they should be to match the blues I have after we say goodbye.
The color of her dress and of the wind.  
  You made it easy to hope.

  You painted the skies purple.
A color that has always reminded of drowning.  
  You made it hard to breathe.

  You painted the skies black.
Your paintbox wasn't supposed to have this color.
You must have borrowed mine.  You must have dipped your brush in the shadows that danced behind the fire in my eyes. 
  You made it easy to live.

This is the end of a beginning.  Blot your brush and begin to paint the skies over again.

^ Written on a poetry writing whim recently while sitting on the couch on a Saturday night.  If you read carefully, you'll notice the patterns. (p.s. who doesn't love rainbows?)

Polar Icecaps

November 23, 2016

. . . no, it's not really that cold or snowy over here. ;)

Saturday morning was beautiful and about 60-70 degrees, but then this big cold face blew in and everything cooled down.  On Sunday, we got about 6-9 in. of snow give or take a few (it's really hard tell)!  We an "epic snowball fight" yesterday afternoon.  Little Ann (our German Shepherd dog) was running back an forth between the two teams (the Black Bears and the Peter Cottontails) eating snowballs in midair (and any article of outside winter clothing she could get her paws on).  It's been fun!  I have missed winter because last year's winter was such a disappointment snow-wise.

What are you all doing for thanksgiving?  We will be having cousins from Canada come to stay with us from later this afternoon to Saturday to go to the Nutcracker with us as well as be here for thanksgiving.  Friday Greek lessons is canceled for this week -- hooray! -- I can procrastinate on the homework now. ;)

Here are a bunch of snowy pictures for you guys.  Who has snow?

the view of the other side of the valley from our house
from a Saturday bike ride on the other side of the valley :)

H. S. | portrait shoot | August 2016

November 21, 2016

Liam's birthday party | Oct 2016

November 18, 2016

Back in October, we had a birthday party for Liam who turned four at Ontario County Park.  The rain held off for a little while at the beginning of the party and the end, but we managed to have fun in spite of the wet.  It was a great day. :)
Thanks for contributing photos Sarah and Nikki!

We found a stickbug!

Two tie-dyed cousins
The birthday boy!
And lots and lots of ultimate frisbee ;)

October/November fun

November 16, 2016

Holy cow, there is no way that it is already November 16th! This year has really flown by -- especially these past few months. The list below is as much to document my life for myself as to inform you folks, so sorry about the randomness. ;)

Things of late
- Enjoying the end of fall weather but sad to see that most of the leaves have fallen.
- Reading Gone With The Wind again . . . and eyeing Jane Eyre like I might want to reread it again as well . . .
- Lots of Greek homework! We're into participles this year blech.
- There's been a fox prowling around our chicken coop. O.o
- Been writing The Mayfield Girls.
- We finally got a new computer! (our other one crashed a few weeks ago)
- Went to two Shakespeare plays last week: Hamlet and Macbeth. Loved them both!
- I've been trying my hand at drawing butterflies. (they are my replacement for drawing paper dolls during readalouds. I had too many!) Here are my two first attempts:

- I dressed up as an army nurse/nun for halloween:

- Discovered a new bike trail yay!
- Mom might start teaching me how to play the flute (the instrument she played in high school).
- Playing Rondo in C Major (Beethoven) on the piano! Such a great song, but the scales are a nightmare. I'm on the third page.
- Beatrix can boogie! Sorry the video is sideways and a little shaky.  And you might want to turn off the volume, it's a bit distracting. ;)
- I'm really liking my school books this year! Favorites so far are: The Vicar of Wakefield, Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars, and The Disappearing Spoon.
- Salted caramel ice cream is amazing.
- I've found a kindred spirit toucan lover! ;)
- I recently filled my old journal and started a new one! (this is #2)

Lots of fun going on around here. :)

Grandma's birthday party on Friday!

 A walk through the neighborhood with the sisters
I am just in love with this graveyard this fall!!

And . . . moi :)
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