October/November fun

November 16, 2016

Holy cow, there is no way that it is already November 16th! This year has really flown by -- especially these past few months. The list below is as much to document my life for myself as to inform you folks, so sorry about the randomness. ;)

Things of late
- Enjoying the end of fall weather but sad to see that most of the leaves have fallen.
- Reading Gone With The Wind again . . . and eyeing Jane Eyre like I might want to reread it again as well . . .
- Lots of Greek homework! We're into participles this year blech.
- There's been a fox prowling around our chicken coop. O.o
- Been writing The Mayfield Girls.
- We finally got a new computer! (our other one crashed a few weeks ago)
- Went to two Shakespeare plays last week: Hamlet and Macbeth. Loved them both!
- I've been trying my hand at drawing butterflies. (they are my replacement for drawing paper dolls during readalouds. I had too many!) Here are my two first attempts:

- I dressed up as an army nurse/nun for halloween:

- Discovered a new bike trail yay!
- Mom might start teaching me how to play the flute (the instrument she played in high school).
- Playing Rondo in C Major (Beethoven) on the piano! Such a great song, but the scales are a nightmare. I'm on the third page.
- Beatrix can boogie! Sorry the video is sideways and a little shaky.  And you might want to turn off the volume, it's a bit distracting. ;)
- I'm really liking my school books this year! Favorites so far are: The Vicar of Wakefield, Napoleon and the Napoleonic Wars, and The Disappearing Spoon.
- Salted caramel ice cream is amazing.
- I've found a kindred spirit toucan lover! ;)
- I recently filled my old journal and started a new one! (this is #2)

Lots of fun going on around here. :)

Grandma's birthday party on Friday!

 A walk through the neighborhood with the sisters
I am just in love with this graveyard this fall!!

And . . . moi :)



  2. ohmygoooosh I LOVE salted caramel ice cream! (As everybody could tell as we were the only ones who scarfed down the carton......)
    Waaaa! It says the video is private and can't watch it. Please invite me! I think you know my email, we kinda use it all the time........
    Cute pictures! You guys re all so beautiful. Wish you grandmother a happy birthday specially from Amelia. Who she may or may not have met...

    Amelia <3

    1. Eeek! Yes, it's easy to eat a gallon of that stuff in seconds lol ;)
      All right, I just fixed it! Sorry about that XD
      Aww, thanks! You're very sweet. <3 I will :D

  3. Sounds like you have had fantastic past two months!!! Salted caramel ice cream huh? I've never tried it! I should.
    Gah! Beatrix is so adorable!!!!!! I could eat her! By not really because that would be terrible and gross, and "that my dear children is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies." (Sorry, I can't resist a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quote to save my life.)
    Beautiful pictures!! As always. Ahh! That graveyard!!! I need to be there right now!!!!
    Oh and fantastic costume! I never would have thought of that!!


    1. You should definitely try it!! If you're a caramel-lover, you'll never go back to any other flavor of ice cream ;)
      Hehe, love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! That's a great quote. <3
      Thank you thank you!!
      Well, I was initially wavering between a character from Great Expectations and the nurse/nun, but we didn't have the right costume for the Great Expectations character and so I sorta had to go with the nurse. XD Thank you for your thoughtful comment!


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