October Key visit recap

December 10, 2016

 So you might be asking yourself what the story is behind all these crazy awesome pictures.  (Oh yeah, sorry for the overload of photos, folks) XD 
In 2014 these fabulous Key girls moved away to Colorado.  We were super close and have seen them twice since.  With a big interval of about a year and a half of no visits, they visited this October!!  A lot of these photos are more personal so you might not find them super interesting, but I thought you might enjoy seeing them anyhoo.  

Amelia on the car ride home -- so excited!!
We stopped at Wegmans on our way home to load up on yummy ice cream: salted caramel, cookies and cream, and key lime pie.  By the end of the week, we had gone through 10 gallons of ice cream -- oh yes. ;)
Dorothy polaroiding away :)  That's her and me in the photo.

Day 1: Thursday
A bit of a lazy day. :)  We hung around the house in our pjs for most of the morning, drew and made lotion bars, and gazed longing out the windows where the rain was pouring down and making a mess of things.
The two younger girls draw portraits in the morning
Sarah and Dorothy made lotion bars

Day 2: Friday
This day was packed with fun!
- The rain started to lessen
-A walk to the graveyard (Ava, Sarah, Dorothy, and I) 
- A visit from a friend of both us and the Keys
- Dorothy and I took a walk and found some awesome cows
- Dessert was brownie-cake (we accidentally mixed brownie mix and cake mix together) and ice cream
There were these amazing vultures balancing on a branch drying their open wings!
(*I took this is for you, Amelia!)
While Dorothy was taking a polaroid of the landscape ^ from the top of the hill at the graveyard, her polaroid suddenly spit out a photo without her even pushing the button!  We think it must have been a ghost. ;)  
There's got to be an interesting story behind this beautiful cross

Day 3: Saturday
- Rainwalk in the morning (Dorothy, Annika, Amelia, and I)
- Came back to the house to knit
- Dorothy and Sarah made soap
- Annika, Joseph, Amelia, and I hung out in my room listening to Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell, knitting, and writing in our journals
It's raining, it's pouring!
I just have a thing for mushrooms . . . ;)

Day 4: Sunday
- Went to church in the morning
- Headed over to the art museum 
- And ended the day with a trip to Spot Coffee -- yum!
- On the way home, we stopped at Walmart to get some ribbon for ribbon-embroidery the next day
Annika (back), me (w/ camera), Dorothy (w/ Beatrix), and Amelia
Somebody stole my camera again ;) lol

Day 5: Monday 
I lost my pictures from this day when the computer crashed :'(, but here was the routine-
- Sarah and Dorothy made more soap
- Did ribbon embroidery
- Went on a walk to the graveyard
- I made snickerdoodle scones with Dorothy
- Amelia and Annika took the little boys on a walk
Here's a photo Mom took -- that's me, Amelia, and Annika

Day 6: Tuesday
- Went to Ithaca and sung rounds in the car on the way there
- Visited another art museum (one we used to go to together when the Keys lived here)
- Recorded more rounds in the museum ;) (see photos below)
- Had a good ol' time :)
So windy!!

Day 7: Wednesday (the last full day)
- Hung out with a friend who came to visit the Keys
- Dorothy and I went on a walk, found some more cows, and got back in time for pizza!
Dorothy's polaroid
I guess I discovered the bk + w setting on my camera, eh? ;)

Day 8: Thursday (the goodbye)
- Wednesday night we had a power outage and it snowed O.o
- They took off early in the morning
A whole bunch of exhausted girls

And we can't leave out all the great selfies ;)

Thanks for sharing so many of your photos, Ava, Dorothy, Amelia, and Mom! <3


  1. Oh my goodness, great post! Ugh, you put that horrible picture of me in the CAR??!! You might as well have put the one when I'm talking to a plant. :p Lol.

    Amelia xxx

    1. Aww, I thought it was a cute picture lol ;) Yeah, well — I thought people might get a weirded-out by that one. XD Just messing! <3 You're the best.

  2. Splendid post Sophia! It's always interesting to see something like this from another's point of view. <3

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your sweet comment. <3


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