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January 30, 2017

On Tuesday, Sarah (older sister -- 16) had her first in-person college class (Anatomy + Physiology) at FLCC, the community college.  We ate lunch and laughed a lot with some friends we met up with in the cafeteria, and then I went to hang out in the library (so amazingly quiet compared to our house where I try to do school with five siblings running about like chickens with their heads cut off.) xD and do some school while she was in class.  It was a ton of fun!  I wished I had brought my camera—colleges are such cool places to take life shots in black and white . . .  But I didn't, so I'll just leave you with some of these ones my mom took of us. :)
Happy February!!  Holy cow, January just whipped right by! :O

How have you all been doing?  
I would love it if you commented below with one subject you'd like me to post about in the near future (farm photos, bike ride photos, photos of where I live, life adventures, photoshoots, etc . . .)  You get to choose! 
Thanks!  You guys all just rock this blogging community. <3

{lost for words}

January 28, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

January 25, 2017

Beatrix Elin | portraits (satsuma orange) | December 2016

January 23, 2017

Beatrix's satsuma orange photoshoot.  She is eight months old in these photos.
Our aunt and uncle brought these lovely aesthetic oranges when they visited the other week, and I couldn't resist setting Beatrix in the midst of a pile of them. :)

love memories. hate remembering.

January 21, 2017

c'est la vie.

Because that's just what you do at eleven o'clock at night—

January 19, 2017

—you learn the Pathetique sonata.  
But come on, anything composed by Beethoven is worth it, right? ;)
Last night I found myself playing the Pathetique sonata on the keyboard in my room . . . not to mention it was at eleven o'clock on a school night. :D

Lately, I have been enjoying a bounty of things.  Mainly—

~ Ice-skating on our pond.
We've gone out twice now! :)  Some skate confusion always occurs—"I want to wear the size 6's today!" "No, it's my turn!", or at least, that's the gist of it—but other than that, it's been lots of fun.

~ The crisp weather but no snow.
I definitely appreciate the picturesqueness of snowflakes when they are actively falling, but other than that, I find snow a bit useless not really being the sledding type of person.  To be honest, it just makes farm chores a whole lot harder!  But chilly weather, the kind you can bundle up in five layers in, is right up my alley.

~ Taking photos of our indoor plants which have for some odd reason decided to all bloom at the same time!
My mom got two lovely pink hyacinths plants from the grocery store the other day.  It's the coolest thing because the bulbs are placed in clear vases 75% full of water and you can see the roots!  I'll post the photos I took soon.  Also, the Christmas cacti and another plant (we forgot the name of it) :P are all blooming like it's the end of the world. ;)  Our jade plant has finally taken off!

~ Playing the keyboard which I recently moved up to my bedroom 24/7.
We have an upright piano as well, but it's in such a high-traffic place that I just prefer to blunder about on a piano elsewhere.  We're also thinking about taking a square grand piano off a friend's hands . . . eeek!!

~ Humming Florence & The Machine.
Even though I've hardly been listening to any of her music, for some reason it's all that's been in my head!  Some of my favorite songs, for anyone who is interested, include: What The Water Gave Me, Never Let Me Go, Shake It Out, Cosmic Love, No Light No Light, Queen Of Peace, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, and Hiding.

~ Thoughtfulness.
Because kindness and thoughtfulness matter so much more than you know, and the thoughtful people in my life have really been making an impact on me.

~ Writing in my journal at every spare moment.
I have filled up more than a third of my new journal since I started it three weeks ago!  Wow!

~ Turtlenecks and turtledoves.
Just because they sound pretty together.

~ Late-night ice cream surreptitiously eaten in my bedroom.  (Don't tell Mom.) ;)
Mint Ting-A-Ling, Cherry, and French Vanilla.  Unfortunately, the Salted Caramel wasn't on sale! *grunt of annoyance* :P

~ Quiet places.
. . . where thoughts get the better of me.  I'd have to say, sometimes I seriously think my thoughts are my worst enemy.

~ Cutting out and drawing paper dolls.
Mostly my book characters, but also some real-life people.  I've been using watercolors lately instead of Prismacolor markers and am really liking the effect.  Also, I am on a revolution against inking pens!  Only Prismacolor Ebonys for me, thank you. ;)  I'll post a bunch of photos of the paper dolls on The Inkpot Girl soon.

What has been filling up your time?
Which is more powerful in your opinion: actions or words?  Why?

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