Thanksgiving 2016

January 25, 2017

making place cards for all the guests
playing wildcraft
cousins making a picture book together!
the littles attempting to play the pathetique sonata. ;)
going into the woods with mimi to get hemlock branches for wreaths
at the nutcracker

I am so sorry these are so late!!  Ahh!
(I know, I know. ;) My younger sister just came over and was like, "Wow!  You still haven't posted those Thanksgiving photos?") xD

Thanksgiving was amazing as usual!  I'd have to say it's probably my favorite holiday.  There was lots and lots of yummy homemade pie and the turkey was delish.  I tried pumpkin pie for the first time this year (I know, it's ridiculous that I've never had it before!) and loved it!  Another hit was the coconut-topped apple pie.  
As is our tradition, Mimi took a group of kids with her up into our woods to collect some hemlock branches for wreaths.  Boy was that hill slippery to go up!  But we all made it down alive. ;)

On Friday, we headed into the city to see the Nutcracker with our cousins who had come on Wednesday to spend the holiday with us.  This year we got balcony seats rather than on the "first floor" (because my grandparents had taken Sarah and me and Annika to see "Cirque de la Symphonie" a few weeks before and we had sat in the balcony and loved the view!) which was super cool!  The sound was way different—not better or worse, just different.  They also added in a few new scenes (I might as well add, 'with super awesome fake snow!!'). ;)  This was our thirteenth year in a row seeing this ballet company perform the Nutcracker! o.O

*Also, sorry for the hodge-podge of photos.  They are a collaboration from three different people all using different devices, so they weren't all the same size. ;)


  1. BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS, SOPHIA. AS USUAL. Jeez, I really need a camera.
    I say probably, because it is sooo hard to choose, and I love Christmas too, so... yeah I think Thanksgiving is my favorite. It's in my favorite season after all!!!
    My favorite photos are: The first one- those two look like they are having so much fun!! The 11th- Making a picture book??? SO MUCH FUN. The 15th- Beatrix looks like "what is going on here? Why is this person touching me- mamaaa!!" Did I mention how cute she is? SHE IS CUTE! And lastly, the 16th- GAH THAT BABY IS ADORABLE!!
    Hahaha! I am glad you took forever to post these- it brings a little of the Thanksgiving spirit into this cold and dreary month! (ugh, I think January is almost the worst, because it's indecisive about whether or not to warm up or snow! But Summer is usually worse, because it is HOT)
    Not this last Thanksgiving, but the one before that, we visited our family in Oregon. My grandfather has 31 grandchildren so thats... 20 cousins!! Wow I thought we had more...
    ANYWAY. My grandparents have a hill that's about... oh 20 acres or so, and covered with trees- mostly Douglas Fir and Evergreen and awesome ones like that. Us cousins like to go up there and play capture the flag- oh my gosh it is seriously the best game ever!!! Most other people, it seems, when they play, like to just rush and grab the flag (and fail, I might add) but with us, we strategize and plan and our games last HOURS. PLUS! Our grandma has tons of army jackets- camouflage because of course- and we get all dressed up and play up there until it's too dark to see, or it's supper/dessert time. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!! COUSINS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

    Oooh!! The Nutcracker!!! I have a special place in my heart for that play because years and years ago (before my family went into missions) us girls took ballet, and we played in our local Nutcracker ballet. I was a little mouse the first year, then an older mouse helper, then a gumdrop fairy AND an older mouse helper. I loved it so much! Another time, I was in a Cinderella play, I was the leader of a bunch of little cats. I never got to see that play, but I loved being in it. Actually, the reason I got to be in it was I used to stay and watch my younger sisters do ballet, then I would have my class, then I would watch the older girls (or sometimes join in). The teacher asked if I would help the little girls and boom! I was in Cinderella. My older sisters got to be in the scene with the ball. They were just extras, but still. It was so much fun!!!! Maybe THAT'S why I want to go on Broadway...
    Anyway, this was a super duper fun post to look at/read!!! Ah the photos were all beautiful, who cares about messy? :)

    1. THANK YOU!! You should totally get one!! I bet your photography would be beautiful!
      Hooray! Another person on the Thanksgiving-loving team. ;) *higher five* ;)
      Eee, I love those ones too! Yes, that's one of the things my cousins and I do when we're together. One of the picture books we did a while back was our own version of "The Pokey Little Puppy", the Golden Book. ;) Not sure if you've ever read that one. It turned out really cute!
      Hehe, yes, Beatrix is definitely adorable, I must say! :D
      Aww, thanks! Glad you liked them and they brightened your day a bit. :) Yes, January is most certainly a dull month. The weather here in NY is so indecisive! xP And it's never sunny enough for my liking. ;)
      Ooo, that sounds like so so so much fun! I love the army jacket part. :) Cousins are absolutely the best!! Especially the kind you can laugh about anything with. <3

      WOW! That is so cool!! A Cinderella play sounds like a lot of fun. I'll bet it makes a great play.
      What an ambitiously awesome goal!! I hope you get to Broadway some day. <3
      Thank you!! That means a ton to me. So glad you didn't mind the messiness! ;)



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