wrapping up 2016

January 01, 2017

The time has come to do my 2016 wrap up post . . . it's bittersweet.
2016 was really a whirlwind for me.  Within this one big year, I accomplished so much and grew even more in many ways.  Every day I was encouraged and altered by the people around me -- especially by my Saviour.
Not only has my appearance changed, but the way I think, speak, and write is also different.  When I recall myself last December 2015, I realize that I am hardly recognizable.  I learned more this year than I ever have in one year.  In twelve months . . . 365 days alone . . . I have most importantly begun conquering my shyness in public situations, wrote my very first poems, and I completed three separate journals.  I have come miles in my piano, tried out dozens of new things, and deepened my relationship with one best friend and made a new best friend.  I started my second novel, celebrated Lavender and Blue's 4th bday ending this year with 38 followers (counting email subscribers) and 140 posts, and improved my art skills with both a pencil and watercolors.  I got my ears pierced, got my first camera (a Nikon d7000),  and fell in love with salted caramel ice cream.  We went to Gettysburg PA, Antietam MD, and Fort Niagara.  I got a haircut on my birthday in March, started Algebra 1, and wrote a short story.  I plotted several books, ended the year with 8 chapters of As We Are (my WIP), and learned how to play chess.  And I have a new baby sister, finished Greek 101 and started 102, and learned how to love, miss, laugh, and remember.  I am still learning how to cherish the time I have as a child, I am still trying to grasp onto the art of forgiveness, but remember, there is time.  2017 is a new year, a clean canvas, with not a single mistake in it yet.  I struggle every day, but 2016 brought to life some long-time dreams I never thought would have come true.
This amazing year was just learning experience after learning experience, good thing after good thing.  I really couldn't have asked for anything more.  I can only hope that 2017 will be just as fruitful.  Happy 2017!!

What was your favorite post?
And what is something you learned in 2016?


  1. it's 2017!!! crazy, right?? it sounds like you've accomplished so much this year - it'll be exciting to see what we will do in 2017, right?? :D

    sarah » the introverted extrovert

    1. Yes!!! I hope you have a blessed 2017. <3

  2. I so loved how you wrote this! Happy new year! <333

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Happy new year!!

    2. Heyyyy, I just realized you changed your blog title! Are those your favorite colors?
      I love it!

    3. Yes!! I did! I actually got the name from the nursery song: Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly. ;)
      Yay, I am so glad you like it!!

    4. Though yes, I do love the colors blue and lavender too ;)

  3. Deep, Sophie. Sheesh. Why does it always make me giggle? LOOOOL XD
    Great post, kind of made my heart ache in a bittersweet sort of way...:D Great job!!

    Amelia xxx

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    1. Thanks for commenting! :)


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