Another Wrap Up Post to Clog Your Feed (also, I printed my blog!)

February 03, 2017

Yes . . . another one of these wrapping up the month posts to clog up your feed.  #sorryI'mnotsorry ;)

I don't usually do these monthly wrap up posts, but I was so inspired by all the amazing and powerful January wrap-ups I saw this month and it just all round seems like a good time to try it, that I am going to have some fun with it. :)  It's really a cool way to literally "wrap up" a month, tie it up with a bow, and seal it as a memory and a learning experience.

So January was a crazy month for me.  There have only been a few months like this one that I have learned so much in.  I can already tell that 2017 is going to be rad.  As usual, my life surpassed even my most far-reaching of dreams.  It sounds cliche, but things I had never even dared hope for just happened.  Just like that.

Just like that a whole month of 2017 is gone.

My window stars

I accomplished so darn much this month.  So much mentally.  I did a ton of things I would never have done even six months ago.  And though my life hasn't exactly taken a turn for the better or worse, it feels different.  Not more purposeful or meaningful.  Not more confusing.  Just different.  It's like I've discovered truer meanings of so much more.  I've begun to look ahead into what I want to do with my life in a few years when I'm "free".  A life I've dreamed up for myself that includes three cats named after states, biking around America, painting houses, teaching private piano lessons, and writing novels.

In January 2017 I experienced the most painful level of fear I have ever felt.  Not to mention the depression.  It was almost like everything in my life was bumped up a notch—everything that was before trivial became a bit more attention-seeking.

I really put As We Are (my book in progress) on the back burner this month which was sad.  However, this week I all of the sudden felt the urge to have a look at it.  And guess what?  I was super impressed with what I have so far and really just want to finish it, even if it is the last book I ever write.  That's pretty much the best feeling imaginable for a writer.

The first of hopefully many teen get-togethers!  From left to right starting with the girl in the purple sweater: Katie, Annie, Kate, Me, Molly, Sarah (sister), Leif, and Finn.

Some more great things I don't want to forget were part of January:
My sister and I started the Lark Rise to Candleford miniseries.  
I made forty origami butterflies and glued them to my ceiling (post coming soon).
I took a big step on this blog (sort of unintentional, actually) with being more open about myself/my life.  This blogging community is really a gem!
I printed my blog in book format (see photos below).
I wrote approximately three poems.
I changed my blog title to Lavender & Blue.
Beatrix learned to crawl!
This post from The Goodness Revolt.
Our Colorado friends who visited this past October 2016 bought plane tickets to visit again in June.
I developed a bit of a new art style (go check out my newest paper dolls on The Inkpot Girl!) 
I re-discovered Bon Iver and Ellie Goulding (music artists).

One last thing I want to share with you: a few wise words from miss A. R. Key (she's the fabulous young lady who leaves all those crazy awesome comments on all my posts!).  A. R. Key agreed to let me share this post from her private blog on here.  I thought it was just so powerful.  Thanks, girlfriend!

I blinked, and January was gone. That's it. That's just it. Everything happened and I didn't really see it until it was the 30th....and then I discovered something crazy. 

This is going to sound cheesy, right? Well, every day is special. But look at it this way--: It's never going to happen again. That one day, will never be repeated. For anybody. Ever. That one day, has come and gone. Sure, January 31st will come again, and again, and again. But in 2018. And 2019. And 2020. Never, ever, ever again in 2017. I didn't realize that, I used to see days just as days. I used to see days as special, yeah, and unique, yeah. We all did, what we didn't see, is that it will never happen again. Tomorrow will come, and go. And it will never happen again. February will come again, but in 2018. Don't you get it? It's time. It's life. It's constantly going on, constantly moving. For everyone everywhere in the world, it's the same day. Just another day. Just. A Day. That's all it is. But it's so much more. This day, right here, right now, will soon be over. Gone. It'll be another day in history. The day you had three pieces of French toast, the day you aced your math test. But next year, it'll be just different. SO different. So, so, so different. Just try to grasp that. Just another day, just another word written in the book, just another event gone down in history, but it will never come again. It won't be yesterday, it won't be tomorrow. It's today. Here. Now. With these people. With that memory. With those thoughts. With everything. You can't appreciate it all the time, nobody expects that. I don't expect that. (And you shouldn't either.) But just take one moment every day (or try to), and appreciate that second. That minute. That thought. That feeling. That memory. That word. Everything. Anything. Just do it. But don't look at it as sad....look at it through the lens of joy. Rejoice. About it all. 


Okay, so now that I've done and gone all un-fun and SERIOUS......PARTY! XDD This month was great, I enjoyed it so much! Well, except for the parts when I was angry and sad and a little selfish....yeah. Okay. What did I do this month? Actually, it was one of those more chill months. But a lot know what I mean? 

I really appreciate this month, and I'm trying to for the rest of the months. I'm excited for February, seeing what it will bring. What I will bring. Whoooooohoooooooo! :D I bet so many rad things are going to happen. Yaaaaaaaayyy!

Okay, now let's go an eat some ice cream, maybe make a quick trip to Oz, and sit back and watch Pride and Prejudice. Cause seriously, I'm excited and waiting in anticipation for everything to happen. *Squeals*

A. R. Key

Today, I am twelve years old. On January 31st of 2017. The one-and-only January 31st of 2017.

So, yes!  I did it (finally)!  I printed my blog in book format. :D  This volume shown above is all my posts from January 2015 to July 2016.  Unfortunately, the website I used only allows a certain amount of photos per blog book, and as my blog is pretty much all pictures, this was incredibly inconvenient for me.  I only printed volume one so far because I didn't have enough posts from July 2016 till now to fill up a good size book.  I'll be printing the next one asap.  \

You can't even imagine how cool it is to have your blog to look through with no internet like this!  Julia @ The Barefoot Gal was recently saying that she wanted to print her blog in book format (at the point I read this post, I had ordered and printed mine a few weeks prior) but that she was refraining because they were so expensive.  And she's right!  These books are very expensive.  (Depending on how many pages are in your book, it can cost around $50-$200—usually on the more expensive end.)  I ended up getting mine for around $75.  I know, still a lot, but better than it could be. ;) 

A few years ago, my mom printed her blog into about six different volumes, but she hasn't printed it since then because it's so hard to find a good sale!  But there was recently a 50% off sale, so she ordered about eight more volumes of her blog and I got one too!  
Anyhoo, that's the story.  Enjoy the photos!


  1. Oh, my goodness gracious Sophia Noelle Parshall.
    Wow, I'm kind of stunned right now. Dorothy just came over and asked me why and I when I told her, she said 'You're craaaaazy.' Aheh....ahehehe.....?
    I can't describe to you what I feel right now. It's like, really early in the morning and I can't describe to and I get what you're feeling. I get it like nothing else:
    ' And though my life hasn't exactly taken a turn for the better or worse, it feels different. Not more purposeful or meaningful. Not more confusing. Just different. It's like I've discovered truer meanings of so much more.'
    I know exactly how you feel, and I mean EXACTLY. Without some of the pressure and depression (ya know me, I can never be depressed with so much beauty around. Lol.). But that part? Those words? These writings? It's incredible. I think you opened the eyes of so many people, Sophe. I really think you did.
    *Gulp* 'Wise words'? Guys. I dunno if you know how it feels for a good writer, to take your writing and feature it on her writing place that is already full of good writing. And call it 'wise words'. I almost cried for sheer thankfulness for you, Sophie. It's every writers' dream to have another writer say that to them. XDDD EEEEEE! #Thankssomuchsooooophie!
    Talk about crazy comments? I think I stepped it up to hysterical. (LOL.) Ugh, now everybody thinks I've completely lost it. Shoot.

    A. (Maybe if I just put my abbreviation nobody will notice it's me...*hehehe*...)]

    1. <3 <3 <3 I don't even know what to say. It means so much to me that you understand what I'm trying to say. Wow, I'm so glad you think that my words are so meaningful! Well, I certainly hope I opened up the eyes of many people. <3

      . . . And again, I'm somehow speechless. ;) Amelia, sometimes I seriously do cry from sheer thankfulness for your family. Your writing is worth being put up on my space—promise. No problem, I would do this anytime for you.

      I'm so glad you like my blog so much. It makes it seem worthwhile when people say that. <3
      Well, anyhoo! I love you and your comments just the same. They make my day every darn time. :D

      LOL yeah, we'll just attempt to keep it under wraps that you were here. ;)
      Love you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Paige! Glad you liked it. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment, Evangeline! :)

  4. I understand what you mean!! And I am so happy for you!!
    For me, January has been kind of... slow. I mean, its already gone and I am still wondering where it all went to- but I don't feel like I've really grown that much... I feel like my life is on pause, but I don't know how to play it again! You know what I mean?

    Ah, Lark Rise... I have mixed feelings about it... I mean, I liked it a lot, but there were annoying characters, and... I dunno. I would DEFINITELY watch it again in a few months, but it's not THE BEST TV SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. What do you think of it so far?
    OOH! I love the paperdolls!!! They look so pretty!
    Aw, you are so pretty in that picture!! (it IS you, right?) I mean, you are ALWAYS pretty, but I just love that picture esspecially.
    That book looks amazing! That would be really fun to do! Except I wouldn't want my ridiculous ramblings to be around me at all times reminding me of how ridiculous I am! It's bad enough they are on the internet for ANYONE to see!! Hahahaha, I love being ridiculous, though, so maybe I will one day...

    Your teen-get together looks like fun!! Ugh, it makes me wish I knew more kids my age! Seriously, every person I know that is my age is either in a different state, different country, or I've only ever read their blog!!
    Oh the downsides to the life of a missionary... and the marvelous upsides!! I mean, what better reason to send letters???

    Hmm.. Maybe I should do a wrap-up post! But then again, I don't know if I have the energy. I still need to video that cover I said I would do a thousand years ago!

    1. Thanks! Yay, we're partners once again! :D *high five*
      I agree, January was—in a form of speech—slow, but for me it wasn't slow in the same way as your January, I think. Yes, I definitely understand! I've felt that way countless times.

      Yeah, it's a good movie to be sure . . . but I can see what you're saying. The characters are all a little shallow. It reminds me a bit of the Little House on the Prairie TV series which I've watched innumerable times. Overall, it's a sweet movie, but it could definitely use some improving.
      Thank you!! That means so much. <3
      Yup that's me! ;) Wow, thanks so much!! That's so nice of you to say! My smile has always been a little lopsided, but hey, let's not be self-conscious right? ;D
      Haha, I don't think your ramblings are ridiculous at all! Your posts never ever fail to crack me up. :) To be honest, I'm pretty sure my ramblings are just as unique. ;)

      Yes, it was lots of fun! Man, yes I totally know how you feel. My best friend moved to Colorado almost three years ago and my other two besties are my 16 yr old sister and a guy my age I take Greek with. So I can totally relate! At least I know other people my age though, even if we aren't super close. I feel sorry for you! :( That really stinks!
      Ooo, you're a missionary? That's so cool! Yes, snail mail definitely tops it all, I must say.
      Thanks for the comment! You always rock this commenting thing. :D


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