Plato | sheep portraits | October 2016

February 12, 2017

So, remember when our computer crashed in October 2016 and I lost all my pictures?  Well, I finally got them off the hard drive!!  From now on until further notice, I'll be posting lots of my photos from about August to October 2016.  Prepare yourself for lots of sunny summer photos!  I think it is good in a way that I didn't get to post those late summer photos because they are going to really cheer this dreary February up now. :)  I wouldn't bother posting them except that there are a few that are just so beautiful and so bright.  


  1. THAT IS SUCH A PRECIOUS SHEEP. And oh, that green grass is making me long for summer again!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. I know, isn't he just beautiful?! LOL we're in the same boat—"summer, come again soon!" ;)

  2. Ooh I love the leaves! XD
    I accidentally lost every picture we had of everything, in 2015, never to be seen again. It was awful!
    I'm glad you can see your pictures again! It's always so fun seeing old pictures!

    1. I know!! They're just so magnificent!!
      AHH that's awful! I am so sorry! I can totally sympathize though. Even though I had most of mine backed up, the computer hadn't yet gotten to the ones I had most recently imported (which were some really special pictures) and so I lost those. :(
      I agree!
      Thanks for commenting. <3

  3. You know, I like to think Summer is my least favorite season (it probably is) but these pictures!!!!!! They are so beautiful!!!! I do love a good bit of green! These months are dreary, arent they?
    Well, except for the end of this month.

    Ah Plato. You are looking very fine today! (or last summer, whatever) I'm sure it was nice to be shorn of all that heavy wool!

    I remember watching my grandpa and dad and brother sheering sheep. It was quite a riot.

    Hooray for another post from you!!!

  4. Wow, so lovely! The grass is so lush and green!! (Agh, I miss New York...XD)
    Oh my goodness gracious congratulations for getting your photos off the hard drive! That's just fantastic. :) And that goat--EEEP! Cuteness level at 100% Lol.

    Amelia xxx


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