Be You {a cliche title for a not cliche post}

March 30, 2017

All the sudden it hit me.  Have you ever had those incredible "ah-ha" moments when you suddenly understand something the world has been trying tell you for eternity?  K, that just happened to me.  This is what sparked it~

What did that just say??  Be you?  
Hey wait, you mean that cliche thing people always say to each other when they're feeling insecure?
Yup.  That exact thing, my friend.


You know, I'm probably just late to the party, folks, but have you ever really understood what this means?  Being you is choosing to do what you want, not conforming to what society and others are doing.  Deciding to be your own you—not a version someone else inspired you to be.  

Being you is being only who you want to be, not who anyone else is telling you to be.
It really is.
No one will think less of you!!  In fact, you'll probably inspire others to be their own too.  Just have the time of your life being who YOU want to be.  Not worried about impressing anyone.  Not self-conscious of every single thing you do.  Not forever bashing yourself.

And respect that every else can be their own too.  Next time someone does something that you personally would not have done, remember that everyone is and should be different.  They are allowed to be that person.  It's legit. 
Their should be no such thing as "normal".  

My friends, don't follow the rules or the norm.  Break the standard.  Be exotic.  Make them give you a second glance.  It's okay.  

So just be you-unique.  
And trust that God has this all PERFECT.

"Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are some else's opinions.  Their lives a mimicry.  Their passions a quotation." ~Oscar Wilde

Fauxligraphy Day

Back in February, we headed over to a friends' house to spend an afternoon learning how to do "fauxligraphy" (simplified calligraphy).  It felt good to just relax and do some art.  Thank you for you patient teaching, Mrs. B. :)
Beatrix (11 months) and Liam (4) busied themselves in the toy corner with lots of super cool dollhouse accessories.  They were both very involved in building block houses (well, Beatrix was more entertained by knocking down the houses) for their families to live in.  Kole and Lane are expert block house builders. ;)
We considered doing a photoshoot in the falling snow because the B girls are great with cameras, but didn't get to it.  Maybe next time!  
They also introduced us to this brilliant app called 1 Second Everyday which has been fun to use so far.  Basically what it does is stitch together a filmed one second snippet every day into this amazing video.  Maybe I'll share ours at the end of the year. ;D
Overall, it was a very enjoyable afternoon with lots of laughter and some lovely lettering . . .   

A Shell of my Former Self

March 27, 2017

Lately, I've been doing a lot of object photography using white bristol paper and white fabric to reflect light.  The recent two posts of flower pictures I posted were also some object photography.
Also, aren't these shells way cool?!  The beach nearby our house only has these little mussel shells . . . that are, I grant, pretty.  But these big ones are just so beautiful.  A friend gave them to me for Christmas.  I went up to my room one afternoon looking for something to take photos of and these were perfect.
I think I've discovered another slight obsession to add to my list.  Mushrooms and butterflies and nightshade—make way, my friends. ;) 
The phrase I used for my post title has a super interesting definition.  I guess I never really fully understood what it meant before.  So yes, the logophile Sophia had to use it for her post title. ;)

instax mini 90 {polaroid camera}

March 25, 2017

This is the polaroid camera I received for my birthday!!  Isn't it just gorgeous?!  It's so cool to have a camera that takes such vintage-looking photos.  And not to mention the photos are instant!  If you've never used a polaroid camera before, basically how they work is you push the button to trip the shutter like you would with a normal modern camera, the photo you took (which looks just like a white piece of film at this point) spits out of the top slit, and then you place the film in the dark for about two minutes to let it develop.  
I bought the film here and the camera here.

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