Be You {a cliche title for a not cliche post}

March 30, 2017

All the sudden it hit me.  Have you ever had those incredible "ah-ha" moments when you suddenly understand something the world has been trying tell you for eternity?  K, that just happened to me.  This is what sparked it~

What did that just say??  Be you?  
Hey wait, you mean that cliche thing people always say to each other when they're feeling insecure?
Yup.  That exact thing, my friend.


You know, I'm probably just late to the party, folks, but have you ever really understood what this means?  Being you is choosing to do what you want, not conforming to what society and others are doing.  Deciding to be your own you—not a version someone else inspired you to be.  

Being you is being only who you want to be, not who anyone else is telling you to be.
It really is.
No one will think less of you!!  In fact, you'll probably inspire others to be their own too.  Just have the time of your life being who YOU want to be.  Not worried about impressing anyone.  Not self-conscious of every single thing you do.  Not forever bashing yourself.

And respect that every else can be their own too.  Next time someone does something that you personally would not have done, remember that everyone is and should be different.  They are allowed to be that person.  It's legit. 
Their should be no such thing as "normal".  

My friends, don't follow the rules or the norm.  Break the standard.  Be exotic.  Make them give you a second glance.  It's okay.  

So just be you-unique.  
And trust that God has this all PERFECT.

"Most people are other people.  Their thoughts are some else's opinions.  Their lives a mimicry.  Their passions a quotation." ~Oscar Wilde


  1. Wow. Sophia, I.... I don't even know what to say....
    This post came at a perfect time for me. I just listened to a song by Abbie Emmons, called Hello/Alive and it's a mashup of songs, anyway. It is really good. And it's basically what the title says.
    And it's basically amazing, but that's not the point.
    So this video is telling me, "I've been there. That place that you're afraid to speak of. And I'm still alive. And you're still alive. I've been there."
    And then YOU. You post this post and it hits me right in the heart. (You really can pack a punch, dear. Ouch)
    You're not late. You're early. I'M the late one.
    Be You.
    You're right. So so cliche. But that's probably WHY it's cliche. Everyone uses it, because it's TRUE. And yet somehow I've always brushed it off as silly.
    Me is who I try to show on the internet because I'm afraid of what the people I see everyday will think.
    Me is who is so kind, so sweet, so understanding... On other people's blogs and not in my siblings lives.
    Me is the one in the dark, trying to get under the spotlight of "norm".
    Not realizing there is a spotlight just for me, waiting behind me.
    And it's not very strong and it's not very bright, but it's mine.
    And even the dimmest light shines like the sun in the darkest night.
    Who writes songs and won't tell her siblings where they came from.
    Because she's afraid. They will laugh. They won't understand. They will not care. Afraid they will take the spotlight away.
    But they have their own.
    And maybe they really care.
    And maybe the really want to get into my spotlight, not knowing they have their own. Right beside them.

    I have been feeling a bit... Down lately. I'm afraid of what people will think when I comment on their blogs. I am afraid of what people will think if they read MY blog. I am afraid of being annoying and too silly. I am afraid. So so afraid and I didn't even notice it.

    Sophia, I don't know how I can ever thank you. I don't know if I can right now. I know this battle isn't over.
    Seeing your spotlight doesn't mean it's comfortable standing under it.
    Knowing where and who you are doesn't mean you will stop getting under norm's spotlight.
    And it doesn't mean that even as I write this I refuse to get my little brother some raisins. I'm too busy rambling. (Yes. I did end up getting them for him.)
    But you have given me the push I needed to get started.
    And I am so so thankful.
    Thank you, Sophia. Thank you.
    Please... Could you pray for me? I will pray for you too. Because this journey is not done in a second. It's takes a heck of a lot of time and there's a heck of a lot of speed bumps coming up.

    And since I used so much space to ramble, I'll use the last little bit to mention, 3 5 6 9 and 11 are my favorite pictures.

    1. Abbie is AMAZING, isn't she?!
      "Be You. You're right. So so cliche. But that's probably WHY it's cliche. Everyone uses it, because it's TRUE. And yet somehow I've always brushed it off as silly."
      Yup, you just hit the nail on the head, girlfriend. That's why! You are so right!!
      Esther, I totally know what you mean about being afraid of what people think of you. I'm always so worried about people thinking I'm totally out of my mind and insane when I literally post twice a day or six times a week. Or about the binge-pinning I do on Pinterest. Or that I use too many winking emoticons or something.
      And then I realized, you know what, Sophy? If these people want to follow your blog or your Pinterest, then that's their own fault. ;D So they don't want to have their feed filled up so often with your posts? Well, all they have to do is unfollow your blog.
      I don't think you're silly at all, Esther. You know what, I actually really appreciate your honesty on your blog and comments. Your just write however and whatever you want. And contrary to what you are thinking, this is actually really good!! Your comments are the best because they are so full of honesty. Not just sappy words to self-promote.
      Maybe these words are a little blunt and harsh . . . oh well.
      I will of course pray for you! Aww, thank you!! I really appreciate that. <3
      I don't know what to say to the rest of your comment. It's all so so true and brilliant. <3 <3

      Thank you!!

    2. YES SHE IS!!
      Haha funny how you end up being eloquent without even trying, you know? I guess that's what's meant by "from the mouths of babes", since I doubt THEY try and get they hit upon simple truths we "wise" old 'uns can't even see.
      Oh dear Sophia you don't know how that encourages me!!!
      They may be blunt and harsh but gosh they make me feel so much better.
      Thank you so so SO much!!!!!!
      Heh heh.... I sort of maybe rambled on there... And even though I know you don't mind, well here's me, smiling sheepishly.

    3. Totally!
      <3 Okay, good. I really was hoping I didn't sound super stuck up or something xD
      I love your rambles! Never forget that they are welcome here. :D

    4. Not at all! :)
      Awww thank you so much, dear!! That really makes me so happy!!

  2. Brilliant.
    I cannot express this post any other way, except for brilliant and moving. I really want to be myself, be my own humor and not worry that I never get puns. Or that I can't handle watching that movie. These kind of things have always made me want to be different, be included in the conversation, be a part of that person's life. Just FITTING IN for once.
    But this post, man, Sophie, it was like a professional 'Truth-Blogger' had written it at age thirty-two. But you are fifteen and you have so much wisdom. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us. I cannot appreciate it more. (In fact, I think I'll go read it again. xD)
    Those pictures just got me mesmerized, just in a trance of the beauty of New York. And those Pinterest photos -- simply wonderful.
    This encouraged me so much, please do more posts like this in the future,

    Amelia xxxxxxx
    <3 <3

    1. Thank you thank you, Amelia!!
      I know how you feel. But being you is just so important!
      LOLOL Gosh, that means so much to me. I'm super glad you appreciated it so much. That's really encouraging. Thank YOU for READING it!!
      NY is really tops. Some of the views are just like . . . wow. o.O My camera can't even always do this gem of a place justice.
      I will do more posts like this! <3

    2. p.s. haha you know me well, I didn't even say the word photos were from pinterest, but you guessed it spot on. :D <3

  3. Oh, lovely post. <3
    It can be so hard for humans to allow ourselves to be what God made us to be.
    We struggle with wanting to be more like others, so we can be liked.
    But the truth is, the people who care love you because you ARE you, and others that don't like that, well, they just don't matter.
    God crafted each person differently, with love, and He thinks you are special.
    Because you are. <3
    God bless

    1. Thanks so much, LaKaysha <3 <3
      Your words are beautifully chosen. xx


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