Fauxligraphy Day

March 30, 2017

Back in February, we headed over to a friends' house to spend an afternoon learning how to do "fauxligraphy" (simplified calligraphy).  It felt good to just relax and do some art.  Thank you for you patient teaching, Mrs. B. :)
Beatrix (11 months) and Liam (4) busied themselves in the toy corner with lots of super cool dollhouse accessories.  They were both very involved in building block houses (well, Beatrix was more entertained by knocking down the houses) for their families to live in.  Kole and Lane are expert block house builders. ;)
We considered doing a photoshoot in the falling snow because the B girls are great with cameras, but didn't get to it.  Maybe next time!  
They also introduced us to this brilliant app called 1 Second Everyday which has been fun to use so far.  Basically what it does is stitch together a filmed one second snippet every day into this amazing video.  Maybe I'll share ours at the end of the year. ;D
Overall, it was a very enjoyable afternoon with lots of laughter and some lovely lettering . . .   


  1. Loved these pics!!! That baby you were holding in the picture was ADORABLE!
    I've seen the videos, were they take a one second video every day hen combine them all! The ones they do with a baby, (second a day for a year) are so neat!

    1. Thank you!!! I know right?! She is SOOO cute!!
      Yeah! It's super cool. :D Ooo, that sounds neat!

  2. I love faux-calligraphy so much! I have been doing it for about a year now (or maybe a little less than a year), along with other hand-lettering stuff. ('Stuff' *sighs* Isn't that such a useful word?)
    That app sounds great! I'll have to check it out...
    Wow, such a beautiful post. You really captured some wonderful moments. :)

    Amelia xxx

    1. It's definitely fun! Nice! (totally—it describes so much . . . stuff . . .) ;D
      Let me know what you think!
      Thank you, girl. <3 That means a ton.


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