More Aesthetic Plants

March 22, 2017


  1. there we go. love the colors. love the soft songs some sing, and the smooth ones the others sing. it's good. x

    1. Thanks, Cally! <3 Your comments are really the best. :)

  2. I love plants, but we can never really keep a plant alive in our house, maybe they just don't like us!!
    I absolutely LOVE your new picture!!!!!! (on the side) You are so GORGEOUS!!! I love your hair, and your smile, that pic is just beautiful!
    Great post girl! ;)

    1. Me too! Just a slight obsession here . . . ;)
      Thank you so much!!! <3
      Aww, thanks. You make my day!

  3. Really love that third picture! Plants are the best.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! Yes, they really are. :D

  4. CHRISTMAS CACTI! Ahh! That's the one WE gave you! (I'm pretty sure...)
    Love these! I cannot wait for you to show me them in June, maybe I can take some pictures of them myself! ;)

    Amelia xxx

    1. Hehe, yes I'll bet that's where it came from (though, I'm not really sure)! xD It's so beautiful!
      Yeah! Can't wait for you guys to visit. :D

  5. basically i adore these photos and omw such adorable little plants

    and your new profile pic - you are so gorgeous!! loved this post <33

    1. <3 <3 Thank you, Sarah.

      Aww, thanks so much!!

  6. Lovely lovely lovely. <3

  7. Your photography makes me smile every time I see one of your photos <3 My favorites are numbers 8 and 9!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Thank you! Haha, well I certainly have a unique style #plantcrazy ;D
      Thanks for the comment! <3

  8. Ugh!! You would not believe how many times I have tried to comment on your posts only to not have internet, AND it won't save my comment!!
    Hopefully this time it will work? *crosses fingers*
    All the posts I have been able to read of late have been beautiful and awesome as they always are!!
    Some of them I can't load the pictures in time before I unconnect from the internet so I can't view them, but I know ALL of them are amazing.
    Ugh I miss commenting on your posts… I love our conversations so much!! We are very much kindred spirits I think.
    You should do a guest post on my blog sometime!! It would be a lot of fun!!
    Oh! Also, we might be getting a PO box here soon, so maybe you and I could be penpals??
    If you don't want to, PLEASE just say so! I don't want to put you in an uncomfortable position if you don't want to so, please please please PLEASE just tell me if you do or don't want to!!
    Anyways, I liked 1,2,3,5 and 9 the best!
    Ahhh aesthetic plants are so nice!!

    1. OH NO! That sounds really frustrating!!
      Aww, thank you! So glad you liked them. :)
      And I miss your comments! I literally look specifically for your comments after I post. :D We are definitely kindred spirits!
      Ooo, yes!! That sounds like fun!! :D We should plan something . . .
      Yay! Yes, I would absolutely love to be pen pals!! Writing letters is so darn fun. :) Would you like to swap email addresses or something so I can give you my postal address? (once you get your PO box, of course) Or I can just give it to you here in the comments. Let me know! :)
      Thank you! Totally—aesthetic plants are the best. ;D
      Thanks so much for commenting. <3 <3

      How's is Nicaragua? Did you have a safe trip? I think last time you commented was like March 2nd or something, so I am dying to know how it went!! :)

    2. IT IS!!! But it should be okay now. I write out my comments on a Google doc and then copy and paste then when I have connection, so that should be great!!
      Aww that is so nice to know!! I have said it before, but I really do worry that my comments are too long or too personal or whatever, but you are so so sweet and I love to comment on your posts so YAY!!!!!!!!
      YES!! I really have no idea what the post would be about... BUT I have no doubt we can think of something.
      I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW HAPPY I AM!!!!! I was really afraid you wouldn't want to be pen pals so YAY!!! Writing letters IS fun! I love writing and getting lengthy letters, my friend and I often exchange 9 pages worth of writing! Counting front and back of course, but I'm sure I could go on for longer!!!
      How about we swap email addresses first, since it is on dad's list to go to the post office, but I don't know when he'll be able to!
      I'll email you with my address once I have it!
      My email is:

      Nicaragua is great! It's dry and windy right now, and I lack things to occupy me fully, but between school, writing, hand-washing clothes occasionally, and cleaning up the backyard (the previous owners made quite a mess) I manage to not die of boredom :)
      The trip was looooong long long. We had two different 12 hour layovers, one in Panama and the other in Costa Rica, and I can't really sleep on trips, but it was good. Everything went pretty smoothly!
      Ugh don't remind me!! I feel so so terrible for not commenting!!! :P

    3. Ooo, that's brilliant! :)
      <3 <3
      Totally! I'll do some brainstorming . . . :D
      :D Yay! This is gonna be fun. WOW 9 pages! But I absolutely agree—writing and receiving lengthy letters is the best.
      Sounds good. No rush!
      And mine is

      Wow, I'll bet! I've never been to Nicaragua, but we had some friends who moved there a few years ago and I heard a little bit about it. Aww, don't die of boredom! <3 ;D
      Thats crazy!! Glad you arrived safely in the end though. :)
      No! I absolutely forbid you to feel bad! <3

    4. Why thank you, I rather thought so myself! ;)
      It WILL be!! Haha yeah…
      I'll email you very soon hopefully!!
      Oh really?? That's so cool! You really have to come visit sometime!
      Sigh. I try. :) I have been trying to do more so that I won't be so bored! Doodling, reading, blogging, and (shh! Don't tell!!) I might start an actual YouTube channel! I want to put vlogs and songs on one and other videos with skits and stuff on the other? How does Quirky Homeschooler sound?? It's still a maybe WIP…
      Haha tell me about it. But yes! Praise God for that!
      Aww you really are too sweet! I'll try not to. <3 <3

    5. Sounds good about the emailing.
      Ooo, I love the title Quirky Homeschooler!! Very nice! I really like your vlogging idea and am excited for you!!

    6. Yay!! I'm glad you think so!!!!!
      Thank you, dearie!!

  9. you're so talented at photography!! i loved looking at these :)

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel!! I am so glad you enjoyed them!! :D


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