Why Blogging?

March 15, 2017

I've often wondered why blogging is so appealing to me?  What the reasons are that blogging makes me feel so complete?  With two blogs (actually just downsized to one blog last night, though) and posts up to five times in a week, why is it such an important part of my life?  Why do I love it so much?
I started blogging somewhere around over five years ago.  My older sister and mom first got me into it, as my mom has been blogging for nine years.  I started with a crafting blog, then went to a blog about my pet birds (don't ask) ;), then popped over to another blog where I began to hone my photography skills, and then I finally hit upon this space.  I was addicted.
So, we all ask, why blogging?

I/ My Blog is a Documentation of My Life~  
Sometimes it's just so inspiring to look back and see my post from a few years ago and think, "Wow, life has changed.  And I have changed.  . . . And—umm—I have gotten a lot better at blogging!"  It's overall just a lovely place to fill up with my thoughts over the years, to look back upon someday.

II/ It's an Ambiguous Art~  
There are just so many different forms of blogging!  Life documentation, photography businesses, doll blogs, food blogs, artsy blogs, crafting blogs, and so on and so on!  The list could literally go on forever.  No kidding.
Blogging is amazing to me because there are pretty much absolutely no rules!  Being a bit rebellious at heart, this is a plus side for me.  No one likes being told what to do, and so blogging is a place to escape from the normal rules governing some other pastimes.  You are free to post as much as you want and share whatever content you please.  If someone doesn't want to read your content or have your posts pop up in their feed every day of the week, then they are free to not follow your blog.  There are no obligations.  You can use nom-de-plumes or you can tell everyone in Blogging Land every single thing about yourself.  It's up to you.

III/ Kindred Spirits!~
There are so many people in the blogging community to meet!  There is—I'm pretty sure—no such thing as having seen ALL the blogs.  Beautifully creative and wonderful bloggers can be found on your left, right, in front, in back, seen from upside-down, diagonal, sideways, etc . . . you get the point . . . ;)  They're all amazing and there are an infinite amount of bloggers to check out and become friends with.
Someday, I think someone should make a "blogger index" site . . . now that would be rad!

IV/ Because I'm an Introverted Being~
And my blog is one of the only places I feel like I can comfortably speak out somewhat freely.

V/ There's Always Room for Improvement~  
Because blogging is so independent, there will always be ways you can improve your blogging style, improve your design, and improve your content.  There are no boundaries and no limits.  This is definitely one of the main things that I love blogging for.  There's always potential to be a better blogger, have more followers, be more well known, etc . . . And it's up to the blogger on how far they want to go with sharing their blog with others in the community.

VI/ It Motivates Me to do Something With the Thousands of Photos I Take~  
Without blogging, I truly don't know what I'd do with my photography.  Though, it's a circular thought because, then again, I probably wouldn't have gotten so into blogging if it hadn't been for my photography.  Sometimes I almost treat my blog like a photo hard drive to save the best of photography.
Ya see, there's always more photos . . . which means there's always going to be more posts. *cue sighs of resignation from everyone reading this post*

VII/ Someday . . .
I want to keep this blog forever.  I never want to stop blogging.  I love this space.  I want to keep blogging while in college, I want to blog about my wedding, I want to blog about my future family, I just generally want to blog about every life adventure I ever encounter.  
A lot of bloggers seem to drop off posting on their blogs at college-age or so.  We'll see how my plan goes, but I have no intention of stopping blogging any time soon.  It's something I have always felt I will never really grow out of.  I've been blogging for at least five years, and I've never gotten tired of it or wished I hadn't fallen down this rabbit hole.  It's fun.  It's a learning experience.  It's a place to learn.  And to document my life.  Who wouldn't want to blog?
I'm pretty sure most bloggers don't think this way about blogging "for eternity".  And that's totally not a bad thing!  But I would like to grow deep roots in this pastime.  It's a really important part of my life.

This is why I love blogging—because I like to look forward to posting for many more years about many, many more adventures.  Lavender & Blue, your days are not numbered quite yet. <3

Why do you blog?/What is your favorite aspect of blogging?


  1. I'm with you on so many of those reasons!!! 3, 5, and 6. AND ALL THOSE PICTURES!!! I love doing that, just posting a bunch of pics in one post! I love these pictures, cause they're simple, yet...awesome!! And I don't really get having a "private" blog. I love to encourage other people, give advice or tips, (basically the same thing, right :p ) and I loovveeee it when people come upon my blog and say they *love* it!!! It makes me want to keep blogging!!! ----so yeah, that was weird and random!! :p But anyways, this post was awesome.... like always!!! =D

    1. Thank you!! Yes, photos really are the best. You can't go wrong posting a photo overload, right?! ;D
      I agree about private blogs, but I definitely think that everyone has their own comfort level with exposing themselves on the internet. :)
      Yes, I love when people do that too!!! It makes me feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile. :)
      <3 Thanks, girl.

  2. THIS POSTTTT <3 YAAAS. I totally agree with you 100%! Blogging has been such a blessing to my life. My favorite aspect is definitely the community. I have met so many lovely and inspiring people in the few years I have been blogging -- it's amazing. :') Also I love the point you made about photography! Especially in the age of digital photography, it seems like moments are so often captured and then stored away never to be seen again. It's so cool to document life through photos on a blog. AND YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY IS GOALS, BY THE WAY. <3 omg. so gorgeous.

    rock on,

    1. Thank you so much, Abbie!! The blogging community is definitely amazing. <3 There are so many inspiring people!
      Aww, thank you!! That means so so much to me. <3 <3 I love your posts—they are always so flawless and well-written.

  3. ack. YESSS. about the whole someday thing and wanting to blog about the future I AGREE

    plus wow your photography skills gal #youreamazing

    1. Yay! *high five* I thought I was the only one, so it's nice to know that I'm not the odd one out. :D

      THANK YOU! <3

  4. I agree with every single point in this post. No kidding, I really do think all of what you just said. XD
    That's one of the reasons why I like you so much, Sophie, you have such an honest personality that sometimes it really shows the truth to others.
    As for the other question, 'Why I blog', because of everything you just said.
    Haha! We're gonna be two crazy old ladies who still keeps a blog. ;p

    Amelia xxx

    1. Thank you! Yay, we can be partners in crime then. ;D Lol kidding!
      Aww, thanks, Milly! That's really sweet of you to say. <3 I'm glad you think so. Truth is so important!
      YESS! We totally are though!!! xD Man, I cannot wait for that day. ;)

  5. IKR? blogging is so awesome - I don't plan on stopping (although, who knows what'll happen :P)

    gurrrl. your photography tho <33

    1. Thank so much for commenting!! <3

  6. Hi! just discovered your blog and it's lovely!
    Why do I blog? My answer here: http://sarah.frederes.com/2017/02/28/dear-blog/ :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! <3
      And thanks for the link—I'll go check out your post right now. :D


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