April 11, 2017

sometimes I really wonder about my sock choice . . .

and then i realized
that to be
more alive
i had to 
less afraid
i did it
i lost my
and gained
whole life
- unknown


  1. Yay! I'm so proud of myself -- I saw that same quote on Pinterest too, Sophie! xD It's so funny the way some things work...LOL
    Wow, that really makes me miss tramping about on your farm with you. How are the goats doing? Not too troublesome, I hope. ;)
    Ya sock choices really look a lot like yours. Ha!

    Amelia xxx

    1. *pats you on the back* Oh yeah! Nice job, girlfriend. :)
      I miss you being here! I wish you guys could move back. :( They're spiffing! Nope, not too troublesome.
      LOL <3

  2. Beautiful photos! <3 Your little sister is so adorable!

    1. Thank you!! <3 Haha, thanks! :D

  3. The second picture is DEFINITELY my favorite!! Honestly, matching socks is old news! I never wear matching socks if I can help it!!! I'm super weird.... BUT I regret nothing because it's awesome!!! It brings me back to the good old days when I was young and dressed as tagged as a gypsy and loves every minute of it. The 3rd 5th and 6th pictures are close seconds, however!!
    Your farm looks amazing!! I love farms... Right now we only have two chicks, a hen (that we found in a trashpile actually) and dogs. So many dogs. There are at least three grownup dogs that hang around in their skin and bones and try to scrounge food off of us (I call them all Scrounge, or Scrooge. Depending on what mood I'm in. Sometimes just Dog.) And then there are our puppies who are basically adorable and keep getting fleas and ticks!! Ugh.
    That's a very interesting quote! A bit of an easier said than done situation. Fear has a deathlike grasp and doesn't let go easily... But it's important to let go of.

    1. Hehe, mine too. ;D Lol, I used to be such a neat freak about wearing matching socks, but, darling, I've changed . . . a lot . . . in the past year. ;D Aww, thanks! I always love hearing which photos you like.
      ;P <3 <3
      Wow, that's pretty cool! I must admit I've never found a chicken in a trashpile. :) That's crazy! We only have one dog. . . . I honestly can't imagine having more than one. ;D Puppies are SO cute! I wish they would stay little and adorable forever. Ugh, ticks are a definite nuisance for us—for animals and people. We've never had problems with fleas, but hopefully saying that doesn't jinx our luck . . .
      Totally. Easier said than done goes for a lot of things and that quote is no exception for sure. And fear is scary . . .

    2. YES! WELCOME TO THE ANTI-MATCHING SOCKS CLUB!! And I like telling you!! For some reason there's something... So satisfying about commenting and telling you which photos I like. I guess it's just the repetition of it that makes it... Traditional? Gosh look at me rambling about randomness!! ;P
      Hahaha, it was my first time!!
      Yeah it's a bit hectic. Whenever anyone passes through the property (the road goes through it) ALL the dogs bark AS LOUD AS THEY CAN!! It's quite deafening :D
      I KNOOW!! Right before we left for the states for Christmas, we gave them a bath and it was raining outside so I kept them warm in my lap. They were on top of each other, both sticking their heads under my arm. IT WAS ADORABLE!! They slept on me for nearly two hours! I just read the whole time. When we come back-to-back they're over TWICE the size they were!! :(
      Very true...

  4. Your sock choices seem familiar...
    Lovely pictures as usual!


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