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April 16, 2017

'cause it's nice to remember the tunes . . . 

ANDREW BELLE // I Won't Fight It, Sister, The Enemy, Wants What It Wants, Many Lives, Black Bear, Dark Matter, Pieces, Replace Me, All Those Pretty Lights, In Your Sleep, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Dive Deep, Add It Up, Tower, The Daylight, Sky's Still Blue, Details, The Ladder, Make It Without You, In My Veins, Reach, Oh My Stars

FLORENCE & THE MACHINE // Only If For A Night, No Light, No Light, Spectrum, All This And Heaven Too, Shake It Out, Never Let Me Go, What The Water Gave Me, Hiding, Make Up Your Mind, Which Witch, Queen Of Peace, Cosmic Love, How Big How Blue How Beautiful, Howl

JAMES BLUNT // Sun on Sunday, Heart to Heart, Courtney's Song, Someone Singing Along, Miss America, California, Postcards, Bones, Annie, I Really Want You, Same Mistake, Carry You Home, I'll Take Everything, If Time Is All I Have, Heart Of Gold, Calling Out Your Name, These Are The Words, No Tears, Best Laid Plans, So Far Gone, Dangerous, Stay The Night

TESSA VIOLET // I Don't Get To Say I Love You Anymore, On My Own, Haze, Not Over You, The Things I Do, Tennessee, Broken Record, Small

PHOX // Shrinking Violets, Noble Heart, Blue and White, Raspberry Seed, Satyr and The Faun, Calico Man, Kingfisher, Laura

ELLIE GOULDING // Goodness Gracious, The Greatest, Devotion, Scream It Out, Lost And Found, Army, On My Mind, How Long Will I Love You, Love Me Like You Do, Still Falling For You

MUMFORD & SONS // Hopeless Wanderer, I Will Wait, The Cave

JJ HELLER // Free Indeed, Meant to Be, The Well, Daylight, Scarlet Thread, The Pretty & The Plain, Loved, If You Fall, Sailing The Sugar Sea, I Get To Be The One, When I'm With You, Big World Baby, Daydream, Let Down Your Guard

BORNS // Dopamine, The Emotion, Past Lives, American Money, 10,000 Emerald Pools, Electric Love

BECKAH SHAE // Here in This Moment, Heartbeat, Worth Waiting For, Life, Surrender, I'll Be Alright

OF MONSTERS AND MEN // Little Talks, I Of The Storm, Black Water, Lakehouse, Your Bones, Dirty Paws, Mountain Sound, Six Weeks

BON IVER // Skinny Love, Calgary, Lisbon OH, Michicant, Towers, Perth, Minnesota WI, Holocene, Flume

THE LUMINEERS // Stubborn Love, Cleopatra, Ophelia

DODIE // Life Lesson, I Have A Hole In My Tooth, When, Intertwined, Sick of Losing Soulmates

DRESSES // Catch, Sun Shy, Painting Roses, Lonely One, Frozen, Duet Song

DAN BREMNES // Born Again, He Knows, Faith Is, Heart On Fire, In His Hands, Beautiful, Where The Light Is

LENKA // Blue Skies, Free


THE BRAVE KIND // Conversation Two

BEN HOWARD // Old Pine, Diamonds, Bones, Keep Your Head Up, Only Love

WILD CHILD // Crazy Bird, Winter Pockets, That's What She Say

BEACH HOUSE // Beyond Love, All Your Yeahs, Majorette

JASMINE THOMPSON // Run, Willow, Adore (acoustic), Wrecking Ball, Pompeii, Almost Lover

TAYLOR SWIFT // Wildest Dreams, Style, Our Song, Out Of The Woods, New Romantics, Sparks Fly, Red, Enchanted, Innocent, Speak Now, The Lucky One, Treacherous


SAN CISCO // Mistakes, Too Much Time Together


THE MYNABIRDS // General, Body Of Work


THE APACHE RELAY // Katie Queen Of Tennessee

HEY ANNA // Anaphaze, Dance Until Three

ORLA GARTLAND // Clueless, Lonely People, Empty Man

U2 // Beautiful Day, With Or Without You, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

THE PAPER KITES // Halcyon, Bloom

FOR THE FOXES // Easy Way (acapella), Running Back To You

COLDPLAY // Paradise, A Sky Full Of Stars


PLUMB // Say Your Name, Beautiful, I Want You Here, Cut

LAUREN DAIGLE // Trust In You, O'Lord, My Revival, Loyal, Salt & Light

FOR KING & COUNTRY // It's Not Over Yet, Ceasefire, The Proof Of Your Love

NEKO CASE // Hold On, Hold On

I AM THEY // King Of Love, Amen, From The Day, Awake My Love

Listen to these same songs?  
What is your top favorite band?
Are you as flower-obsessed as me?

Happy Easter, everyone!!  
Beatrix's 1st birthday is today!  Anyone remember this post from last year?

(no, we don't still have snow ;)  These photos are from a few weeks ago)


  1. Yes! I recognize more of these albums/songs than I don't recognize them! (I that makes sense...)
    Happy Easter!! And yes, I am utterly flower-obsessed. ;)
    Ohh...I'm just going to try and ignore that one question...I don't think I'll ever be able to pick a favorite band. But oh my goodness! I know that lady -- Jasmine Thompson, she does a song that I listened to about a year or two ago, ha! I can't believe I still remember her! xD

    Amelia xxx

    Postscript: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEA!!! <3 <3 <3 Lots of love from Auntie Milly. :D

    1. Lol! That's funny. :)
      Thanks! Oh man it's an easy thing to be, isn't it?!
      Haha! Yeah she has a cool voice, but I don't listen to her much. And she's only like 16 or 17 or something. Crazy! Which song was it?

      I'll tell Bea! Love you, Auntie Milly. <3 <3

  2. Dresses! I didn't think many people knew about them! I'm curious as to how you found out about them? I met them when a lady at our coe housing community told us they were her grand children.

    Woo James blunt and the luminaries. I like this list a lot. Might have to make a post similar to this. (I really like the format) And the photos of course are wonderful captures.

    I think you would like The Young Ones and Hippo Campus! Check them out, I recently found them and love them.

    Happy Easter!

    1. Yes they're a great band!! I found out about them from my older sister. I asked her and she said she found them on a "related artists" page on Spotify. :)

      You should!! Thank you.

      Thanks for the suggestions! I'll go check them out right now . . . :D

      You too!

  3. **screaming** mumford and sons !! kodaline !! florence and the machine!! you have an AMAZIINGG taste in music, girl <3 also thank you for all this lovely new music, i can't wait to listen to it all!!

    and those photos, gorgeous :D i love flowers, i think they're some of nature's best creations.

    ~ noor

    1. Thank you!!! Hope you enjoy it. :)

      Aww, thanks! I totally agree. <3

  4. Lovely photos! My favorite band, is Collabro XD

    1. Thank you! Ooo, I'll have to check them out.

  5. Ugh I'm behind!!! I keep starting this comment but never finishing and it's driving me crazy!! ;P
    But anyway this is a FANTILIANT list because I am a music freak. I sing constantly and listen constantly and I just found out that MAKING AESTHETIC PLAYLISTS IS HONESTLY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!
    The only artists from this list I've heard are Florence & The Machine, Mumford and Sons (from my older sisters) JJ HELLER (I LOOOOVE HER MUSIC SO MUCH!!!!!), Of Monsters and Men (basically all I listen to now :P), Taylor Swift (though I don't listen to her much. Who HASN'T heard of Taylor Swift???), Cold Play, Lauren Daigle (TRUST IN YOU IS THE BEEEST!!), and For King and Country (my friends little sister LOVED Fix My Eyes. She sang it 24/7. And she was only 3 so it sounded adorable!)
    Hmmmmmm... I'm not sure I have a favorite band because I LOVE (ALMOST) ALL MUSIC SO DANG MUCH DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN MY BABIES!! But I do like Trespassers William (watch Winnie the Pooh when you were little????) And Lennon and Maisey. OH!! Also All Sons and Daughters. Oh oh oh! And Adam and I. Basically I love duo harmony thingy people. Thing. Okay just because I love music doesn't mean I have to be fluent in the lingo!! Calm down! ;P
    1 2 4 7 and 10 are my favorite pictures!!!

    1. Lol, I know how you feel! I hate getting behind on blogs ;D Especially when the blogger posts like Every. Single. Day. *hint hint—sophia* xD
      Thank you!! Glad you liked it. Ahh! Me too!!!
      JJ Heller is GREAT!! Ikr—yeah, Taylor Swift's certainly not my favorite either. But so many of her songs have a great tune and are pretty upbeat. I feel like she's sometimes really pre-judged because most of her songs about breakups. But anyhoo, my point was, she has a few good songs. :D
      Ugh I know it's to hard to choose!! Haha, that's why I didn't specify my favorite . . . ;D
      I haven't actually heard of any of those bands! Definitely have to check them out.
      Aww, thanks!! Those were my faves too. :)

    2. Hahaha oh no, I love your posts!! They're really the best.
      I listened to some of Paper Kites because their name sounded cool and I needed some new music, and from the moment I heard Bloom start playing I WAS IN LOVE.
      And I cannot believe myself at all.
      I read this post all ready to wish Bea a happy birthday and then I FORGOT???!?!?!!?!
      Someday I hope to meet you in person and get to hold her darling highness, but until then, I will adore her pictures and squeal about them with you ;P

    3. Aww thanks!! That really means a lot. :D
      Awesome!!! I'm so glad you like them!! Yesss they are super duper cool!!
      Thank you!! I will tell her you say happy birthday ;D
      Aww yes! It would be so cool to meet in person. Her darling highness would live to meet you too. :)


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