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April 01, 2017

Like I said back in January, I wouldn't normally do one of these wrap up posts, but inspiration decided to hit me so here we go . . . ;)

Over a foot of snow!  Those are my legs covered in snow from walking around doing farm chores xD


• I turned fifteen! 
• Mom had her knee surgery which went really well.  More soon on that.  I'm concocting a good post. ;D
• I baked a lot and finally stopped burning everything!  Now that is an improvement.
• I got my first polaroid camera
• Beatrix said her first words ("go" and "dog").  Also, she knows what the kitty-cat is!  We can say, "Where's kitty-cat?" And she'll look out the window onto our porch where the cat sits near the window.
• I wrote a song called "Worthy" (coming soon)
• I finished painting the first living room
• Sarah and I are moving in together into the guest room
• I designed my mom's blog for her.  Here's just a super short screen recording of what it looks like:
(lol, gosh that's embarassing–look at my tabs xD  Guess I should have cleaned up my browser before recording this.)

Overall, March has been a fairly uneventful month.  Nothing super crazy happened . . . except my mom had her knee surgery on the 3rd.  Since she can't drive for at least six weeks, we all been just hanging out here at home.  
For me, March went by incredibly fast.  Like—really, really fast.  I remember myself so many Thursday and Fridays in March just looking back at the week and being like, "Holy cow, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday just whizzed right by."  I don't know why it was those particular days, but anyhoo . . . 
In a lot of ways, I feel like I didn't accomplish a ton this month.  I got out of the house for the first time since March 1st on the 25th.  I literally forgot to get buckled and only realized when we were in the parking lot of the paint store. xD  It's funny what you can get used to . . .

41 day journal. xD  Good grief, I go through them so fast.

March Music

My music in March wasn't super diverse.  I did discover a new band called Beach House, which apparently my all-time favorite band (Andrew Belle) was really inspired by.  So far I have only found three of their songs that I like: Beyond Love, Majorette, and All Your Yeahs.  They have a really interesting style—very dreamy and electronic-y.  But I definitely appreciate the uniqueness of the sound.

I finally got to checking out James Blunt's two newest albums (we own all his first albums on CD, but I haven't tried any of his new music in years).  Unfortunately, not to be presumptuous or anything, it almost sounds like he might have started using pitch-correction.  That sort of disappointed me because he was one of those good old bands I just grew up listening from my mom and dad.

By the way, here's my Spotify for anyone who's interested.

Other music?  More Bon Iver, BORNS, The Lumineers, I discovered Dodie, and got back into PHOX.  

"Hung up in the ivory, both were climbing for a finer cause
Love can hardly leave the room
With your heart
~Michicant by Bon Iver
What about you?

Lots of Beatrixyness
(because she's just the cutest thing in my life right now) ;D
a little elf eating a pencil under the kitchen table

getting taxied to lunch . . .
experimenting with mirror selfies with my polaroid lol xD
me and thomas jefferson

Little Words

-Liam said he loved Beatrix all the way up to the smokestack (the chimney).
-Liam was writing in a card for my grandpa and Joseph (8) walks in and suggests that he draw some animals next to the barn sticker Liam has in the card.  However, there isn't a ton of room next to the barn because the card is narrow.  So Joseph says he should draw the animals in the sky—in heaven.  Liam goes, "Heaven's not in the sky!!  It's in church!"
-Joseph desperately tried to bribe me to ask for a trampoline for my birthday.
-Mom: "what's that crawling around on the floor?"  boys go inspect . . . Liam: "ahh it's a dragon!!!" (meaning a dragonfly—but still, so cute!) xD

a friend embroidered this adorable whale for me for my birthday!
working on my painting job . . . 
lots of living room dinners so we can sit with Mom!

And last but most certainly not least, I just wanted to share with you a line from A. R. Key's March wrap up post which really struck me. (hope you don't mind, Milly!) 
"And March slipped between my fingers, only to return in a different time. A different life. To a different self." 
She's right. Next year when March stops in for thirty-one days, it will be to a different Sophia—a different everyone—, and a different life.  That's sort of . . . intense . . .

K, these are two hilarious April fools' jokes.  

What was your favorite thing in March?


  1. OH MY GOD BEATRIX SOUNDS ADORABLE. And I also celebrated my birthday this month!! *birthday high five* I listened to Taylor Davis, Disney music, and X Ambassadors a lot. :)

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

    1. Haha, she is!! :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I had no idea your birthday was in March too! :)
      Sounds awesome. <3

  2. Oh, no!! Beatrix is growing up so fast! PLEASE tell her to slow down until June. I don't want to meet a toddler, I want to meet a baby! (Lol.)
    Gosh, I would cry right now if I was able to do super pretty crying scenes. But -- I mean, man, that was such an honor for you to put my little 'wise words' up on your blog where everyone reads them. Hehe...I'm glad you liked them. And I welcome you to any of them you want. (Even though I know they are scarce, and you don't want any of the other things I randomly put on my blog. xD)
    Favorite part of March? Ohh...that's hard. We went to the philharmonic and it was just marvelous. I really enjoyed that part. :D
    Excellent post! (And now I'll stop taking up room on your comments.)
    Amelia xxx

    1. Lol! Gosh, she is so cute though xD
      Awww, Amelia you tear my heart. <3 I love you and your blog!
      Ooo, the philharmonic sounds so darn fun!! Glad you had a good time.
      Thank you! Haha, you're welcome here anytime—lots of words or just a few, my friend. <3

  3. lol!! i see my blog open on your tabs omw I feel so honored XD

    and awww a dragon?? your siblings are so cute. and hahaa, Julia and I have been working on a painting project too. looks like a super fun month and this was an epic post! :D

    1. LOL Oh gosh that's funny. xD

      Hehe yup :) Ooo, nice!! Painting is fun. :D Thank you!!

  4. Aw, this was such a fun post! Really enjoyed it. :)


    1. Thanks, Hailey!! Your comments are very sweet. <3


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