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April 06, 2017 <--- This was super interesting (for all you fellow word geeks out there). :)

Only a writer would need to google this. xD  It's funny what you find yourself looking up when you're a writer.
But hey, I learned a lot.  The history behind this company is actually pretty decently interesting if you have a minute. :D


  1. That. Picture. Is. The. Best. Photo. EVER!!!!
    Gosh it is so beautiful! The subject in itself is so cool, and the lighting, the angle, the whole story the picture is trying to tell, it's... Breathtaking.
    Oh and the Google browser... GAH!! It's perfection!! ;P hehehe

    Haha I'm not even sure I would call myself a word geek (what am I talking about, I want to read a dictionary for fun!!) But that is an interesting article!! I think I use them both the same way I use a vs an- however it sounds best! :) I only recently discovered that there is a reason a sounds better than an and vice versa with certain words!! I think I use toward more in my every day speech, however... Never thought about it before...
    It IS funny what you have to look up. Unfortunately, I can't think of anything now, but I know I have googled some RANDOM things before!!
    I have also translated a lot of stuff into Welsh, German and even Gaelic before! Thank goodness for Google. Hahaha what if people started saying "thank google" instead of thank goodness!! Probably would never happen, but it's fun to laugh over it now!
    That was surprisingly interesting!! And a little funny! :) It's really fun to say "Campbell soup company"... *repeats it to self again* XD probably the repetition of p's and b's...
    Anyway! As always, this was an amazingly spectacular post!!!

    1. Thank you!! <3
      Yeah when I saw it on my dresser one evening I was like, this is gonna be good. :)
      Lol, I know. xD

      Totally!! I do the same thing. :) Huh, that's interesting. I've never really thought about if I use either in speech more than the other, but I should see . . .!
      Oh totally man. I cannot tell you how many times I've done that. ;D Thank google for google translate.
      Haha! Ooo, it is fun to say! *repeats it another 5 times* xD
      Thank you!!

    2. Indeed!!
      XD XD
      Thank google indeed!!! XD
      *repeats it 3 times*
      Ya welcome!
      Haha I feel like I drag these comments on fooooorreeeeevveeerrr by replying to everything you say, even if I just reply with a smiley face, BUT I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY AND I WANT IT TO SEEM LIKE A FACE TO FACE CONVERSATION!!! I know you probably don't mind (or just SAY you don't, because you're nice like that *stern look*) but seriously, if you feel like I drag these conversations out, just TELL ME!! Please!!!?!

  2. Jeez -- this is so true! Haha! I do that all the time. I look up the most meaningless things to other people, but they are such a crucial part in the story! :D And yes, that company does look interesting! (Okay, at this point, I was kind of serious and kind of not serious...) ;)

    Amelia xxx

    1. LOL I know right. xD
      Haha!! :D


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