“Worthy” ~ greye

April 08, 2017

Hello there!  I have some exciting news.  I wrote a song!  I'm kinda sorta maybe planning on releasing a private album of covers and songs I've written over the years (though they are certainly not numerous)—possibly even some of my poems turned into songs—at some point, but I'm not sure.  This song is called "Worthy" and I wrote it on March 23.  I know, the sound quality is very, very, very unprofessional, but I did my best. ;D  My voice is untrained, so please give me some grace.
The album will tentatively be called "Greye".

Let me know what you think!  Any suggestions?

{DF#A} He said "I love you
and I {BDF#} always will
But, my {GBD} darling,
you're veering from the {AC#E} path.

{DF#A} Let me show you who you are
and {BDF#} who you're supposed to be
'Cause, my {GBD} darling,
you're veering from the {AC#E} path."

{DF#A} I won't disappoint you
and I {BDF#} won't let you down
But, {GBD} Lord,
why {AC#E} me?

I {DF#A} know you put these stones here
Why do you {BDF#} have to teach me pain
All I ever {GBC} wanted 
was to do it all {AC#E} right

You are {DF#A} worthy of His love
You are {BDF#} worthy of His grace
You are {GBD} worthy of something
You are {AC#E} worthy of your name
You are {DF#A} worthy, {BDF#} worthy, {GBD} worthy, {AC#E} worthy
You are worthy {ADF#}

So when I {DF#A} heard You let him take him down
a {BDF#} long, twisting road
I knew {GBD} I'd never let my love
{AC#E} let him go.

And {DF#A} time is a-ticking 
I read {BDF#} timing was everything
How do I {GBD} let him know 
I won't {AC#E} let him go?

{DF#A} Worthy, {BDF#} worthy, {GBD} worthy, {AC#E} worthy. 
You are worthy. {ADF#}

guitar chords from: https://www.youtube.com/user/Howcast

haha, I know—the date on this paper says 3/28 (it should be 3/23).  Whoops xD  I don't know what I was thinking.  

postscript~ugh I apologize for the post overload lately.  If you're still following my blog after all these posts every day, you're a rockstar. xx


  1. heyo Sophia! just wanted to let you know that the video is not working for me? it says that it's unavailable. let me know if it's something you can fix. :) x

    1. Yes! Thank you for letting me know xD I just fixed it. Apparently it was private still. Whoops. ;D

  2. I've always wanted to be a rockstar! *grins*
    Wow, very inspiring. I really enjoyed listening to the different chords, I'm very impressed that you actually put it to piano. Very well done! I think you should continue writing songs and progressing in them.

    Amelia xxx

    1. Haha, love you! <3
      Thank you!! That means a lot. :D

  3. Wow.
    Please. Sophia. Please please please do an album.
    Your voice is... Really really hard to describe!! It's really soft and beautiful and... It's really captivating. I mean that in all seriousness, like I just want to listen to it more!
    And the piano playing was so magnificent!! And the tune and the words and the camera angle and everything was AMAZING!!!!
    I couldn't understand the words all the way, but I could feel the beautiful tune and rhythum and light of the song just... Seeping through.
    Ugh!! Another reminder to get my songs filmed!!! :P
    4 6 7 8 9... Never mind ALLL OF THEM ARE MY FAVORITE PHOTOS!!

    1. Esther, thank you thank you thank you. <3
      Yeah haha I know I have a really interesting voice xD
      So glad you thought it was okay! That's really encouraging.
      I put the lyrics on the actual youtube page, but that's a good point. I'll put them in this post right now . . .
      Thank you. <3
      Yes!! I want to hear more of your lovely voice!!! Please! ;D
      LOL thank you. <3 <3

    2. You are most welcome!
      It was MORE than okay! I loved it!
      Wow the lyrics are amazing. I just had to listen to the song again, and I love it even more now!!
      Hahaha I'll try to hurry!!

      Oh! Before I forget, I sent the letter yesterday, so 15 to 20 days from now you'll receive it I hope!!

    3. :)
      Yay, so glad! :D
      Aww, thanks!! <3
      Haha, hooray!!

      Awesome! I'll keep my eyes peeled for it and let you know when it arrives safely . . . ;D

  4. I love your voice! Your voice is so amazing and beautiful! I love the song! And the pictures....AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS POST!
    I think I'll just have to copy Esther for this. You are so confident to post this! (I'm still trying to muster up the courage to post a video of myself😑) I've been wanting to hear what you sounded like for a long time, because that just helps how you think of someone, etc. Does that make sense? :)
    I love the video so much! The only thing I noticed was the words were rushed just a hair in the first verse, but since I could read them it all made perfect sense! PLEASE DO AN ALBUM! You should really keep making songs! XD
    I love the pictures of you, and the papers. Your handwriting is also beautiful! <3
    Haha, and that's great cause I don't mind a ton of posts at all, so being a Rockstar is a super plus, lol!!!

    1. Thank you!!!! <3 <3 That means so much.
      I know xD I totally agree—it does help to hear how someone sounds/talks!
      Thank you! That's super helpful.
      Aww, thanks! Haha, personally I don't think my handwriting is too neat, but whatevs. ;D
      Yay!! :D

  5. Girl!! I mean:
    1. You wrote a song - lyrics and melody and everything
    2. It's written from personal experience which makes it so much more
    3. You had the courage to share it
    4. The video was so perfect with your face in that mirror
    5. Your voice is nice to listen to, trained or not

    And I'm excited to watch where this takes you! I didn't even know you played or sang before. And I like the album title too. :)

    1. Those lyrics have gotten me thinking though.. Can we ever really be worthy of His love and grace? How do you see the meaning of worthy as you've portrayed it in this song?

      P.s I'm not trying to criticize you or anything - it just got me thinking, and I'm interested to know your perspective, seeing as you're the author! :)

    2. Ahh, thank you, Jessica!! You are very sweet. Thank you so much!!
      Glad you like it. <3

      I totally understand what you're saying and have actually thought about it myself. I don't know if I have a good answer for you. What I meant by "we are worthy" is that He decided we were worthy to be saved when He came down from Heaven and gave up His life in order that our sins might have potential to be forgiven. We might not be worthy now . . . but we can be worthy. If we only believe in Him and are holy, we can be worthy. This is not to say that we are equals with God, for that could never be attained, but we are worthy to be called His servants and His followers if we live for Him. Nothing—not satan, nor hate, nor our modern day conundrums—can stand in the way if we only choose to believe in Him.
      No, we are not His equals.
      Does that make any sense whatsoever? ;D Maybe worthy wasn't the right word to use? This is just one of my personal, humble philosophies. You brought up an excellent point.
      Let me know what you think.

    3. Yes, that makes sense - and makes the whole thing more beautiful actually. He chose to call us worthy. And that's incredible because there's no way we could earn it. Thanks for sharing your personal philosophy, Sophy! I like it, and appreciate you took the time to let me in on it! :)

  6. Oh goodness you are so brave. I love this song; the words are so impactful, and I love your sweet voice too. I've been thinking about posting one of my songs or covers, but have been a bit to shy-perhaps I will now though! I would totally listen to your album! It's kind of funny-I've been thinking about putting together an album as well! Just a question, how would you go about making it? Any particular programs?
    I'd love to hear more of your music! And I always love reading your posts, even if I'm not always able to comment.
    Keep it up!

    1. So glad you liked it, Mira. :D That means the world to me. Aww, you totally should!! I definitely had to step a bit out of my comfort zone to share this song, but I feel very comfortable doing things like this through my blog that I wouldn't normally do in real life. Don't know why . . . ;D
      I would love to listen to your album, if you do make one!! I'm sure you have an amazing voice. Gosh, I'm not sure. It would probably just be very unprofessional and I probably wouldn't like sell it or anything. Just sorta for my own personal enjoyment (and I'd share it on my blog too).
      Thank you!! Aww, that's sweet of you. It's always so nice to know that people enjoy my posts. Like seriously, appreciate you taking time to read my blog. :)


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