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May 05, 2017

Guess what?!  I've reached 50 followers (not counting 6 email subscriptions)!  Holy cow, I never thought that would happen when I first started this blog.  I remember getting to 30 followers and being like, "well, it's gonna just slow down from here . . . ."  Not that followers/stats honestly matter that much, but I never would have guessed this day would come. :)
You guys have made me feel really special and I just wanted to say a big thank you to each of you!

I'd especially like to mention some lovelies who have been super awesome in different ways~
(in no particular order)
A. R. Key
Sarah Margaret

There are so many more of you I could mention, but then I would just end up listing every single one of my followers because you are all amazing!

Lately, I have been writing a bit which has been great!  I am on chapter ten on As We Are.  A milestone for me as a writer because I've technically never made it past chapter nine on a novel.  I got a cool subplot idea for As We Are yesterday which was a tad bit of a surprise since it was unplanned!  But I'm happy with the few words I've been churning out.
Approx as of May 5, 2017~ 33 pages + 13k words

i think i need to incorporate this into my life/writing more . . .
Of late music~ Boyce Avenue, Jasmine Thompson, The Civil Wars, and Mumford & Sons.
Discovered any new bands recently?  What's your current favorite song?  I'm liking "Do It Now" by Jasmine Thompson.  It was a song I could really relate to back in January or so, thus it brings back some interesting memories . . . .

dressers have always seemed like such nice places to me

I have always loved chemistry and so, trying to get myself back into reading, I've been attempting a few chapters of "Passionate Minds" by David Bodanis.  Apparently, not all of it is exactly great. xP Mom has advised me to read mindfully.  But for the love of chem, I'm going to read as much as I can.  The woman the book is about was a brilliant chemist named Emilie du Chatelet.  She did a commentary and translation of Newton's "Principia".  She also discovered some cool things—you should look her up.  She's very inspiring.
I had a slight fascination with this woman last year and wanted to write a biography on her, but never got to it.  Anyhoo . . . (let's not talk about my failures.) ;D

Our weather was amazing last week, but unfortunately, it has cooled down a lot this week.  No more short sleeves and bare feet! :(  The daffodils and hyacinths have withered, but the tulips and crabapples blossoms are out.  The fresh air smells heavenly and I've been sad not to be able to have my window open.
one of the warmer days, obviously

Sarah and I recently moved in together in the guest room!  It's been an adventure so far.  Laundry (both dirty and clean) is rife on the floor and the random papers just pile up.  Neither of us are super clean people—me only slightly cleaner than her, to be honest.  For some reason, people always seem to think I'm some sort of neat freak.  But gosh, I really don't see where they're coming from!


just finished painting

I've been drawing self-portraits lately.  It is amusing because portraits have never been something I have been very interested, but for some reason, I've had a fascination with them lately.  Here's my first try~

Paper dolls have also been fun as usual~

And some mushrooms~

I won third place in a local photo contest!  Esther insists it was a mistake and I must have gotten first place. :D <3
i made it onto the cover!! ;D

Dad has been hatching some chicks in our incubator.  Here are some of the babes~
The Silverware Company:
- Flicker (actually has nothing to do with silverware) xD
- Potts
- Pansy
- Spooner
- Forksie
- Teacup
- Saucerlina

What else?  Well, I'm just about done with my fifth journal.  I have almost completed my goal of filling four journals in 2017!  WOW!  I only have one more to do. :)

My life certainly isn't perfect or easy, but these are the nice things I've been enjoying lately.  For a not so nice topic, I'm on lesson 66 of algebra 1.  I don't exactly mind math when I understand the concept they're teaching me, but when I don't understand the darn blasted thing, I honestly have the toughest time.  I'm wired to need to know the reason you're supposed to do a math problem a certain way.  I don't do well just knowing how; I actually need to understand why.  Not to mention my problems with concentration . . . . 
I'm not sure if I'll finish by the end of this school year and might have to go through the summer with it so I can do algebra 2 next year.  Not fun.  

waffles dinners during mom's rehab because she couldn't cook.  definitely memorable ;D
somehow ALL the cabinets got left open . . . Okay??!

One last thing before I end this extremely long post.  The other day a little friend of Liam's had an engorged tick on his head.  I was putting Liam to bed recently and he goes, "Sophy?  Did you know Cliffy had a gorgeous tick?!"  (meaning "engorged" LOL)


  1. Make that 51 followers!
    -Gray Marie

    1. Oh gosh wow!! Thank you so much, Gray!! That was super sweet of you! <3 <3

  2. I loved this so much!! And it means a crazy amount to me that I was up on that list. It makes me feel so special and blessed and thankful for you. <3 I cannot believe how much I adore looking into your life, I wish I could live in it again. (Hehe, that is both super sad and a little sweet.) *wobbly smile*
    I have fallen head-over-heels for the Silverware Co.; tell them I say HI!!

    Amelia xxxxx
    <3 <3

    Postscript: Also, may I have your permission to use those awesome chick names in my novel? I might do them for the quadruplet's pets or something...haha! That would be hilarious! Seriously though, 'Saucerlina' is the best name in the world. ;p

    1. AWW Amelia you so deserved to be on there! You have not missed reading a single one of my posts and have never stopped being encouraging. <3 <3 I wish SO much you could be here with us. 3,000 miles is too far, my friend. <3
      LOL thank you! I will tell them. Hopefully you can meet them in June! ;D

      Absolutely! Geez that makes me feel really good about those names . . . I was sorta second-guessing myself for a bit there. ;D

    2. Ugh, and of course I forgot to answer the questions: *slaps face*
      New music? Uhhh...I'm loving 'Dodie' because you mentioned her in an earlier post. And also 'Mumford and Sons' also because you mentioned them. I definitely suggest listening to soundtracks of dramatic movies. Dorothy and I call this our 'writing music'.
      Also, you and Sarah's room looks just fabulous! (I totally recognized paper dolls up there on the wall that Dorothy has made for you!! *sigh* You're such a dependable friend. xP)

      Once again,

    3. LOL no worries! I love your comments no matter if you skip the questions or not, my dear. <3
      YESSSS Dodie is great!!! Ooo, that sounds AWESOME! I totally do. Text me some good soundtrack names and I'll check them out. :D
      Thank you!!! Yes, she has made me sooo many! I love her paper dolls. And I think there's even at least two from Ava up there too. :D Aww thanks!!

  3. Congrats on 56!!

    Your photography is amazing. <3 and I love your drawings too :)

    Yeah I'm going through the same thing with my math. I'm a little behind.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you!!!

      Aww thanks! That means so much!! <3

      Ugh I know isn't it terrible?! Good luck. ;D

  4. HAhahHAHAHAH. A GORGEOUS TICK. i was like, "what on earth does that mean??" when i first clicked on this post. oh my goodness. i'm super tired so i'm gonna list my thoughts out rather than paragraph form ;)
    1. WOOOOOOOOO. SO MANY FOLLOWERS. and i had an honorable mention. *gasp of joy* makes me really happy.
    2. MUSIC. ummmmm. *thinks hard* no new music, but Josh Garrels and Tossing Copper have been on repeat for a couple weeks. i've seriously listened to their albums about 12 times in the last two days. oops.
    3. NEW ROOM. AWW. LOOKS AMAZZZINNNGG. i just finished painting my room last week. it's a nice, bright orange (to be honest, i would have chosen something much much different but my sister insisted on an orange or yellow. unfortunately, our orange turned out TOO orange XD)
    4. those chicks are sooo cuteeee. i am of the weeps. we haven't had a need to raise chicks for awhile. my hens are laying and quite whiny about who gets what nesting box. *rolls eyes* BUT ANYWAY I LOVE THE NAMES. they are so cute. XD <3 <3 <3

    p.s. waffle nights sound wonderful. love it.

    1. Oh good I'm not the only one who thought that was the most adorable thing evah!! xD And oh my goodness that is sooo funny!!! I sorta wondered if people might be hesitant about the title, but I was like ". . . Ehh whatevs I'll just let them wonder . . . ." xD
      1. Thank you!! Aww gosh you totally deserve that honorable mention!! I cannot tell you how many times just a few words of your's have just put a big spark in my day. <3 <3
      2. OOO Josh Garrels is so good!! Which songs of his do you like? I'll have to check out that other band . . . I don't think I've ever heard of them! Agh yes I do the same thing!! :D
      3. Thank you!!! Aww that's awesome! I was actually thinking orange might be pretty for ours, but didn't have the guts to do it. I'm sure your's looks great! :D It can't be that bad—orange is such a cheery color. :)
      4. I know right?! They just kill me every time I look at them <3 <3 LOL that's hilarious! Thank you! I like the names too. :)
      <3 <3

  5. omw you mentioned me!! srsly I love your blog and this post was epic. aww your room is so cute and OMW IS THAT A LOOM?? and all those books *dies* it looks so cozy, don't you love fairy lights??

    lovely, post and congrats on the followers! <33 (also so agreed on the algebra. like, I can do it most of the time but WHY xP xD)

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! Aww, of course I mentioned you! <3 Thank you—glad you like it :D Yes it is!! We all spin, weave, knit, etc over here. Lol!
      Ikr don't you just love my book pile?! ;D And fairy light are legit THE BEST <3 <3

      Thank you!! (Oh gosh that makes me feel so much better! It's so good to know I'm not the only one) ;D

  6. Pretty photos! I like the picture of the blowing curtains. :)


    1. Thank you, Grace!! I like that photo too :D

  7. Ooooooooooooh! You listed me? I declare, think I might just cry. *smiles widely before covering face*
    You're such a gem. :)
    And you take such lovely photos. <3
    That's so awesome that you won third place! Eeep!

    1. Of course I did, girlfriend! :) <3 <3
      AWW thank you!! You are too—believe me. xx
      Thanks! I'm really glad you like them. That means so much.
      Yes!! Thank you!


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