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May 07, 2017

I was going to wait until some other time to post this/do a post, but the blogging community hasn't been posting much lately so I figured I'd cheer this place up with some "sunshine". ;D

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Thank you, Esther!!  This was such a fun tag and your questions were great. :)  

Answer the 11 questions.

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I nominate anyone who wants to try this tag!  Count yourself personally nominated. :D
And in particular, if you guys are interested: LaKaysha from Calico and Lace, Sarah from The Introverted Extrovert, A. R. Key from Candle Wax and Parchment, Ava from Quiet Land, and Autumn from Autumn's Readings + Writings.
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I. Would you rather only be able to listen to one song for the rest of your life, OR one song on repeat for a week?

I'd like to say one song for the rest of my life because that almost sounds less torturous, but in the end, I'm not sure I could stand only listening to one song for the rest of my life!  I think I'd rather just not listen to anything than have to choose one song.  So I choose one song on repeat.  That way I could get the torture over with in a week and then be able to listen to any music I want for the rest of my life. xD  Eventually, too, by halfway through the week I think my brain would just naturally block out the sound of the song so it wouldn't be too bad.
(I hope I interpreted that question right . . .??)

II. If you had to choose that song, which song would you choose?

Well, we just discovered a new band the other day called The Civil Wars.  I really like their song "Dust to Dust".  So I'd probably choose that one.  Or actually I might choose a really long song—Beethoven's Appassionata sonata might do the trick.

III. A stranger in a brown trenchcoat tells you he is a time traveler and you're going to die in 3 hours.  What do you do?

First, of course, I would freak out.  Next . . . well, maybe I would wonder whether this guy was real or not?  Like, I love fantasy and everything, but honestly, I'm not sure I'd believe this was real. xD  
However, better safe than sorry! :D  I would probably next write a will and goodbye letters like the sentimental person I am.  After that, if I still had time, I would want to talk to my family and friends and spend the rest of my time laughing with them. :)  

IV. Would you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write again?

Never read again!  Definitely.  I do like reading, but I cannot imagine a life without being able to write!!  That just doesn't even sound like a life!  I love journaling, writing novels, writing short stories and descriptive paragraphs, writing everything.  Writing really is the one and only way I feel comfortable expressing myself.  

V. Describe your favorite number in a color. 

My favorite number is the golden number in the bible. ;)  It is . . . agh this is hard!  Esther!! xP  
 . . . Okay, I give up. xD

VI. Tell me your favorite word without using that word. So basically the equivalent of it. DON'T YOU DARE GIVE ME A DICTIONARY DEFINITION!!

My favorite word is the equivalent of "excellent"/"splendid".  I believe it is British and is an adjective.  I learned it from the Flavia De Luce mystery books.  It starts with an "s" (hopefully saying that isn't cheating . . .).

VII. Who are two of your favorite authors? Or, if you don't read much, who are your favorite actors?

That's a really hard question!  I like a lot of authors.  However, I guess if I had to choose two of them they would probably be Alan Bradley and Margaret Mitchell.  . . . But now I'm going to cheat and add a third one: Mary Johnston. :D

VIII. What is ONE favorite book from each author? Or, what is one movie that each actor plays in?

Margaret Mitchell wrote "Gone With The Wind" and it's her only novel (she did write a few short stories, I think, but she was killed by a speeding car at a really young age).  I just love Margaret Mitchell's vivid descriptions of everything and her witty dialogue/characters.  You can really picture all she's writing about.
Alan Bradley wrote the Flavia De Luce novels.  One of my favorite books in the series is "When Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust".  His plots are totally brilliant.  Also, he uses British language so you can't go wrong with his books. ;D
Mary Johnston wrote several books, but the only one I have read of her's is "To Have and to Hold".  However, it was absolutely amazing.  Her "Cease Firing" is on my bookshelf, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

IX. The main characters from each book/movie get together for a day. What do they do?

I'll do two of them for now: Flavia De Luce (Flavia De Luce mysteries) and Scarlett O'Hara (Gone With The Wind).  Honestly, I cannot imagine how these two would get along.  They are complete opposites!  
What would they do?  Umm . . . the best I can think of is play pranks on their sisters. ;D  They're both very sly, clever, and witty and both have two sisters.  So maybe they would do something along the lines of playing pranks on them??  Problem is, they're from totally different time periods . . . so I'm not sure . . . .

X. Who is your favorite sidekick/secondary character (in any movie/book) and why?

I'm going to choose a sidekick from one of my own novels: Nat Inglethorpe from The Chronicles of Starfield.  I love his sense of humor and he is so darn fun to write.  He makes a perfect sidekick for the main characters.
Ha, but now, of course, I'm second guessing myself . . . . Another great sidekick is Wesley Knightly from A Summer With the Mayfields.  He is the part of me that is plant-obsessed, mushroom-obsessed, bug-obsessed, etc.  He is quiet, but very smart.  He is logical, but doesn't necessarily have common sense.  Altogether, he's a fantastic character and really makes all the scenes complete.

XI. If you are a writer, who is the best/favorite character you have ever written? If you are not, who is your fictional role-model?

I'm a writer so . . . Liesl Arundel from The Chronicles of Starfield.  She is and always will be my exact twin.  She's like the girl I wish I had the courage to be . . . who has a British accent, who speaks using British words and ends up sounding like a 70-year-old woman.  Who is ten times more clever and witty than me. :) <3


  1. Eeee! Loved this!! And YES, I got the Sunshine Award!! I really appreciate that. :D
    This was so much fun to read and I cannot wait to answer the questions. I think I'll miss-and-match them, because some of these I really enjoyed, and others I'm curious about. ;)

    This was so crazy fun,
    Amelia xxx

    1. Aww thanks! I'm so glad. Yes! Of course you did! ;D No problem. <3
      Yay it was fun to write too so . . . :) Awesome! I was thinking that would be cool . . . since my question-asking skills for tags are sorta laughable. LOL


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