“The Way it's Always Been” ~ greye

May 20, 2017

All right, so pretty self-explanatory.  I wrote another song!  This one's called "The Way It's Always Been".  
I have included the chords and lyrics below for anyone who's interested.  Please note that the "BDG" or any of the other letters are the notes played on the piano in the chords.  I don't know the professional names of each chord—sorry!

I've said this before, but when you're a writer, it's hard to tell exactly where your inspiration comes from.  But I did notice unintentional elements of "Lucky" by Kat Edmondson and "Tears and Rain" by James Blunt in this newest song.

P.s. Some hilarious bloopers coming soon . . . ;D

(see "notes" below)

{^BDG} Atlas.
{^DF#A} World.
{mCEG} Map.
{*GBD} Papered walls.
{mCEG} Let's go {^DF#A} somewhere {*GBD} safe.

{^BDG} They don't know those things that they say—
how {^DF#A} deeply they cut.
{mCEG} Aching, oh aching, in my {*GBD} chest.

{mCEG} This is the way it's always {*BDG} been.
(ooh ooh ooh ooh)
{*ACE} Everybody wants to make a {*F#AD} friend.
{mCEG} This is the way it's always {*BDG} been.
(ooh ooh ooh)
{*ACE} Everybody wants a good {*F#AD} end.

{^BDG} Blue and green metal
{^DF#A} And gears.
{mCEG} Smell of machine {*GBD} oil.

{mCEG} Holding hands through that {^DF#A} chilly forest.
Early morning. {^EGB}

{mCEG} This is the way it's always {*BDG} been.
(ooh ooh ooh ooh)
{*ACE} Everybody wants to make a {*F#AD} friend.
{mCEG} This is the way it's always {*BDG} been.
(ooh ooh ooh)
{*ACE} Everybody's 'fraid to try their {*F#AD} best.

(ooh . . . etc . . .) x2

{^BDG} Hot sun.
{^DF#A} Wind in ears.
{mCEG} You.  {^DF#A} Your smell.  {*GBD} Your sneakers.

Oh . . . this is the way it's always been.
Everybody wants to make a friend.
This is the ways it's always been.
Everybody wants a good end.

{mCEG} Holding hands through that {DF#A} chilly forest.
Early morning. {^EGB}
^ x2

NOTES: (tentatively)
* = below Middle C
mC = Middle C
 ^ = above Middle C


  1. SO wonderful! It was very touching Sophy, and thanks for the chords!

    Amelia xxx

    1. Thank you!!! <3 So so glad you liked it. Yup absolutely! :D

  2. Those photos are so good! (Like the rest of yours aren't, haha. Maybe extra good is what I meant.)

    And wow, the song!! Let's be honest, when I read through the lyrics I wondered how it fit together. But the melody and the accompaniment and the way you sing it adds so much, and I like it! :) It has a dreamy wistful echo, and the lyrics leave room to put our own story in.. don't stop writing/composing, Sophy! And please don't give in to comparison - your voice and music is beautiful, and I can't wait to see the plans God has for it. xx

    1. AWW Jessica you're such a sweetie. Thank you so much. <3 <3

      Haha well thanks! Yeah I definitely wasn't super happy with the words, but I believe the accompaniment added a lot of the feel I wanted. It makes me infinitely happy that you liked it. You're so sweet to take the time to comment and encourage me. <3 <3
      Thank you!!!

  3. I almost thought you didn't put the video on!!! I couldn't see it in the email version of your post but whe i went to chrome there it was I WAS SO RELIEVED AND HAPPY.
    I absolutely adored the Gears poem so I was thrilled when I saw the words in this!!! AND OHMYGOSH IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! EEEEK!!!! Also your wall is awesome!! I have always wanted to stick stuf aall over my walls and go crazy with decorations but I've either never had enough of my own wall, or I've been overly self conscious about my drawings and stuff. But yours is beautiful and wonderful and I love the atmosphere of your songs!!
    I love your music so much.
    I love pictures 2, 5, 6 and 14 the best!
    Gosh look how good I am at commenting on time!!
    Now be prepared for no comments for two weeks ;P

    1. LOL That's hilarious!! 😂 😂
      So glad you like it! Aww that's really really sweet of you. Wow that means so much, Esther. <3 <3 <3
      Haha thanks! I think my wall's pretty rad too. :D Thank you!
      I'm tickled that you like my music so much. That's incredibly encouraging.
      Eeek thanks!!
      *claps very hard in all seriousness* :) Yay!! I have missed your comments SO much, seriously. <3
      Hahaha noooooo . . . . xD Kidding! Honestly don't stress about it. :)

  4. OMGOSH! THIS IS AMAZING! You are so talented girl! Your voice is amazing and those lyrics! I AM LITERALLY DYING RIGHT NOW! You need to go into music or something! You sound like a star! <3

    1. THANK YOU!!! Wow you are so thoughtful! Thanks! Aww that would be rad. I should!!
      Thanks for the comment. <3 <3

  5. Your blog, your song writing skills, your photos! Gahhh, all of it is just beautiful.


    1. You, your words, . . . Gah you are so rad. <3 <3


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