Henna + the rest of my hair dying expolits

June 10, 2017

Lately I have been into dying my hair etc. It’s been fun lol. ;D

The first method I tried was making my hair ombre with natural ingredients. I used:
-Lemon juice
-Sea salt
-Olive oil
-Hot water

feelin' pretty wild
I couldn’t really see much of a difference with my hair color the next day. The only differences I could see were that my hair was yucky from the olive oil and smelled very very strongly of cinnamon. xD I washed my hair about 3 times that day trying to get rid of the smell and oil.


The next thing I tried—since there was no way I was doing the other method again ha—was hydrogen peroxide. I halfed a spray bottle with water and hydrogen peroxide and then squeezed in a tiny bit of fresh lemon juice. I sat out in the sun and read “A School for Unusual Girls” for about 45 minutes, then since I wasn’t seeing as much action as I wanted, I put more hydrogen peroxide in the depleted bottle which filled it back up to 10 oz. So now it was probably a 3:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water.

I hate the lighting of this photo, but you can see the ombre which is why I chose it.
Sarah also did the peroxide and turned her hair completely copper!  It's so pretty.  

As you can see above, this method worked for me. My hair was obviously ombre and my mom thinks the peroxide turned my hair reddish. That gave an idea. I had seen some websites mentioned henna, a plant you can used to dye your hair reddish. I did hours and hours of research and eventually decided on this one from Amazon: 


I hesitated on a brand to choose. People had mentioned Rainbow Research and Lush, also my friend was thinking about using Light Mountain. I watched one review on three brands, comparing them and decided to stick with the Rainbow.  The henna came three days later (love you, amazon) xD and I tried it out the next evening on a small section of my hair—a strand test. I was afraid it was going to turn out TOO red, so I used hot brewed black coffee instead of boiling water for the liquid to darken the color. I used 1 tbsp of henna and about 1 tbsp of coffee. After some hesitating and coming to the conclusion that I was crazy, I went out onto our deck and covered a section of my hair in the clay-like sludge. It smelled very strongly of alfalfa hay and grass. Not normally a bad smell, but it’s crazy strong.
I wrapped my hennaed hair in cling wrap and secured it close to my head with clothespins (henna needs heat to react). I left it in for an hour and a half and read “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow” while I waited.
When I washed it out and dried it (with a blow-drier—I know I’m a daredevil) it was definitely red next to the rest of my brown hair. But not as red as I wanted. And you could really only see it in the sun.
The next morning, I mixed up a big bowl of the rest of my henna powder (about 4 oz) with some boiled water. I noticed something different as I poured the water in . . . the henna actually turned orange for a second when the hot water touched it (the powder is green because it’s plant matter). It hadn’t done that with the coffee. I discovered that my coffee hadn’t stayed hot enough in the small batch to activate the henna which is why it didn’t really do much to my hair.
This time when I scooped up some of the sludge in my hand to put in my hair, it stained my nails and hands orange. The other batch hadn’t done that.
I started from the tips of the front sections of my hair and worked my way back. I had a junk towel around my shoulders and was wearing some of my good clothes underneath (daredevil again. Henna can stain really bad!) I had also slathered from vaseline along my hairline to prevent staining.
Then I twisted up the already henna sections of my hair and plastered them to the top of my head with more henna.
When I finished, I twisted the junk towel around my head to keep the heat in. 

After about an hour I began to get impatient and worried. What if my hair had turned bright green or firetruck red or something when I had only wanted auburn!!! I sat out in the hot June sun with the towel off for 20 minutes. Then slipped out a little strand of my hair and washed it out in the sink to see the color. It was copperish. K that’s good, I thought. I left the towel on for about 8 more minutes until I completely lost my patience and washed allllll out in the tub. xD
At first I really couldn’t see a difference. My hair did smell like hay, that’s for sure. But it was wet and dark so I couldn’t see any difference. I went down and sat with the chickens in the sun (as they dust bathed) for 10 minutes to dry it in the sun (wasn’t gonna do the blow-drier again haha).

My poor henna-stained hands ;P

When I went back into the house and looked in the mirror, my hair was a super pretty shade of auburn!! It definitely couldn’t be considered brown anymore, but it certainly wasn’t bright red thank goodness. 

the coloring of this photo is probably the most accurate
mid-pose.  laugh all you want.  I did too. xD

Now in the sun my hair looks like a cartoon character’s hair—sorta cherry red. Super pretty. In the shade or from far away, it’s a rosy chestnut auburn. In just regular natural lighting, it’s copper + auburn.
I used shampoo after 48 hours.

I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m pretty sure I will be doing it again when the color fades in 4-6 weeks. I’ve always dreamed of having red hair! I do feel like Anne of Green Gables though, when she tried to dye her red hair black but it turns green instead. I’m really glad that didn’t happen to me . . . especially considering the dye powder was green lol.

P.s. I took all these photos myself, ya gotta hand it to me. lol totally kidding. :DD  I guess as I'm a photographer, I'd better be passable at self-shooting. 

Have you ever dyed your hair?
Do you have any experience with henna?


  1. aww it's so cute!! (also, if your hair had turned orangeish bronzy (not words, I know xP) then what you do is use a legit purple shampoo and wash your hair (it's actually a dark purple) and it contrasts that and brings it back to normal. but maybe that's only for blonde?? i'm unsure lol. anyways, love your hair - it turned out so adorbs!!

    1. Thank you, Sarah!! Oh wow that's awesome!! I will definitely remember that if my hair ever does turn "orangeish bronzy" :)
      Thank you! I like it too. :D

  2. Girl, you are way braver than I am! I always used the drugstore dye when I use to dye my hair red, but I LOVE how it turned out on you, talk about chic! <33

    1. Haha! Aww thanks! I really love how it turned out too. :D

  3. My mom had died her hair with henna when she was a girl, and it turned out terrible (the smell, plus it was never the same again). To be brutally honest, I'll keep the red hair in the books for now because if I died my hair with peroxide, it would probably kill it all because I THINK it's unhealthy...? Maybe not...? Anyways, that's simply my opinion but I love how you're expressing yourself! I always did love your chestnut colored hair, but once you turn one way it's hard to turn back, I'm just glad you're happy with the results. <3 And no, I have never died my hair. xP

    Amelia xxx

    1. Postscript: I also LOVE the way you're hair looks! I don't have the guts to dye my hair. xD

    2. Also, IS peroxide unhealthy for your hair? Probably not because you did it and you always make the best choices and do the most thorough research. ;) By the way -- the ombre thing (which looks AMAZING and I wish I had the guts to do it) is the red on the top and the chestnut is on the bottom? Or vice-versa...?

    3. Agh yes the smell is so crazy! It stuck to my hair for about a week and a half and whenever my hair got wet I could totally smell it. xD
      Thank you!!
      It is brown on the top and golden brown on the bottom.

  4. Gah, your hair in its ombre looks so gorgeous! The hydrogen peroxide helped so much more than the first solution. I've never dyed my hair before, because turning black hair into something lighter can't easily be done by homemade ways. Wonder why the powder was green, though....?

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

    1. Thank you!!! <3 Yeah I think so too. ;D Oh yes that makes sense. I've heard you can do red henna on black hair and it gives it an auburn sheen. But I totally understand how other homemade methods wouldn't do much.
      I think the powder was green because henna is a plant and they powdered . . . ?? Maybe? That was my guess. :)

  5. You are brave to try hydrogen peroxide and henna - I'd be scared I'd end up with bright orange or something crazy! I've heard first the first ingredients you tried it takes quite a few applications for them to have an effect. And good job with taking photos of yourself!

    1. I was pretty scared too to be honest, but I am sorta a daredevil—and always have been—if you haven't noticed hahaha. ;) Yes I read that too. But I really didn't see any difference and to be honest, I don't have the patience to keep putting oily cinnamon on my hair!! xD LOL
      Thank you! I thought they turned out pretty good. :D

  6. Wow I love that auburn color! So it will last 4-6 weeks? I may need to try this...


    1. Thank you!! Yup! You totally should!! Let me know if you do. :)

    2. Thank you!! Yup! You totally should!! Let me know if you do. :)

  7. ITS SO PRETTY. AHHH I want to try this!


    1. Thanks, Ellie!! OOO you should!! :D

  8. Woah-I want to try this! *researches home hair dying methods*
    Lovely as always.

    1. Yes yes yes!! You totally should. :D
      Thanks, Mira. You're really sweet. <3

  9. Wow! It turned out so pretty! <3

    1. Aww thank you, LaKaysha!! <3 <3


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