Dramatis Personae

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Main characters





Susan Johanna Kingfisher [unnamed novel]
Arwen Nannarel Teasdale (1) {Snow White and Rose Red retelling}

Secondary and minor characters
[NEW!] Sir Phillip Gladsteer {The Islander}
[NEW!] Wesley (Wes) Hugo Knightly {The Mayfield Girls}
[NEW!] Henry Gerald Knightly {The Mayfield Girls}
Frederic Winsor {The Woodhouse Girls}
[NEW!] Loudia Adams {The Woodhouse Girls}
[NEW!] Phillip Adams {The Woodhouse Girls}
Silas Edgewood {The Chronicles of Starfield}
Nathaniel (Nat) James Inglethorpe {The Chronicles of Starfield}
Clement (Clem) Peter LeClair {For Freedom's Cause}
Roger LeClair {For Freedom's Cause}
Charles Pope {For Freedom's Cause}
William (Will) Fenton Ferguson {Where Violets Grow}
Benjamin (Ben) Cortland {Where Violets Grow}
Ned Perkins {Where Violets Grow}
Tuck Archibald Graves {The Orphanage of Curiosites}
Pr. Ebenezer Finch  {The Orphanage of Curiosites}
Pr. Balthazar Grimsby {The Orphanage of Curiosites} 
Lucia (Lucie) Anne Fettle [unnamed novel]

*Please note: Some of these characters are incomplete. The most recent versions are linked to the names.  The characters that don't have links at all have either just not been posted or are in a book, but I have not created their in-depth profile yet. 

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