Heyo!  Welcome to the pandemonium.
They call me Sophy Noelle.  
Wild dark eyes and untamed spirit.  Hopeless dreamer.  I couldn't live without my Savior, kind hearts, and frequent laughs. 
Please, stay awhile and say hello. I'd love your company. 

This place of uncharted territory with its mossy stones, bubbling brooks, and whispering pines is where I'll always be. But beware, it might just turn your world upside-down!

I am a homeschooled young woman aged five and ten living on a farm in gorgeous Finger Lakes region of New York.  I was born second eldest in a family of six kiddos.  We live in a big, rambling, yellow brick house where the trees grow tall and the rivers run deep.

I have successfully taken two years of Biblical Greek under the tutelage of a multi-talented pastor friend.  I have played the piano for eight years.  (And have thus far staved off all inclinations to write a whole paragraph on my admiration of Beethoven.)  (Also, I firmly believe that rondos are better than sonatinas.)  I am a natural-born actress and infp.  I am a writer (which probably explains a lot).  I'm an enthusiastic blogger—beware.  I'm left-handed.  I snap with my pinky.  I am a feminist and a proud Roman Catholic.

Photographing since 2012.

I enjoy people-watching, reading Charles Dickens to my heart's content, watching the snow fall, and wearing corduroys.  I spend most of my day keeping company with philosophical sheep, typewriters, and poetic phrases and words.  If I'm not wandering our thirty-five acres with my Nikon D7000, you can find me cuddled up in the attic crawl space with my typewriter turning thoughts, aspirations, and personal experiences into novels and stories.

If you're not sure where to start your adventure, here are some well-loved posts to check out~

Can't keep the siblings straight?  Never fear~
Beatrix (1) is the baby, Mom, Annika (11) is in the blue and green stripes, Sarah (17) is in the neapolitian cardigan, and I'm on the far right.  Liam (4) and Joseph (8) are those two cute pumpkins in the first row.  Photo credit to Dad! :-)
hey . . . sometimes the dress-up bucket can come in handy for portrait shoots, right? ;D  No, I'm not really married. ;)

I'd love a note! You can drop me one in the comments or shoot me an email at parshall202@gmail.com. (If you can't think of anything to say, remember, I always love a good joke, darling.)

I have a strange love for the following~ 
butterflies + mushrooms + nightshade + picture frames + bright sunshine + lighthouses + october + stripes

This is what you can find me humming~
Bon Iver, Andrew Belle, Mumford & Sons, Beach House, Florence & The Machine, James Blunt, Ellie Goulding, Dresses, PHOX, The Lumineers, and Dodie

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